Wife pays off husband’s student loan debt, shares Christmas Day surprise in viral video

A TikToker video went viral after she paid off her husband’s student loan debt, revealing the news in a Christmas surprise. The video has received a lot of attention online from viewers since it was uploaded over Christmas.

Jayla Henry, who is an influencer, content creator and mother of two, recently shared the video on TikTok via her handle. @ jaylabrenae5. In the video viewed over 437,000 times, Jayla’s husband opened a gift in wrapping paper that was also in a gift bag. The song Christmas LoFi played by Jake Giddens during the music video.

Her husband wore party pajamas as he sat on a sofa as he opened his present, which was a pair of shoes with the words “Debt Free” on it.

“Debt free?” her husband questioned.

“Yes,” replied the TikToker. “I want you to walk around debt free.” The words also appeared on the screen.

She handed him the phone with a recording of her conversation while paying off her student loan debt with Sallie Mae, revealing the details via text on the screen.

Someone on Sallie Mae’s phone said “Kudos to him”, mentioning that he is “a lucky guy”.

A TikTok went viral after a woman revealed she paid off her husband’s student loans in the Christmas surprise. Pictured is a graduation hat on the silver.

Her husband appeared to get emotional, grabbing her face with one hand as his wife finished her conversation with the loan officer on the phone. “It is a desire of our two hearts”, we can read on the screen. “Merry Christmas baby!”

Her husband stood up to kiss his wife, and the video then showed a screenshot of all of his loans repaid in full. The short 43-second clip has people rocking, and many are enjoying what the TikToker has done for her husband. Over 70,000 people have liked the post so far.

Jayla also shared the video on Instagram, revealing that they wanted to move into 2022 “closer to being completely debt-free.” Her husband did not know that she had saved up to pay off the debt. “While we had him trimmed, he didn’t know I had been saving for that exact moment all year,” she wrote. “You are a debt free baby student, and we are one step closer to a debt free family! “

According to Federal Reserve, in the third quarter of 2021, there was $ 1.75 trillion in student debt in the United States. Education Data Initiative reported that 43.2 million borrowers have student loan debt at an average of $ 39,351.

Many viewers praise TikToker for paying off her husband’s debt. “Girl,” said one viewer. “You are a hell of a life partner.”

One user admitted to “crying” while watching the video, saying he “gave up and had so many loans”. They also added: “You are amazing for this.”

Other viewers made comments like “Congratulations! I hope you are all prospering ”.

“It’s amazing,” said another viewer.

Some people made jokes, like a TikToker who asked, “Did he make you leave Amazon?” “

However, one viewer admitted that those who paid off student loans “annoyed them”, adding that there were “so many programs and ways to cut and forgive them, like researchers.”

The video gave a viewer “chills”, revealing that “this is the best gift I’ve seen all day.”

One TikToker put it simply: “This is love.”

News week has contacted Jayla Henry for comment.

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