UW-Platteville proposes to repay some important student loans for education


PLATTEVILLE, Wisconsin (WMTV) – This fall, the School of Education at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville is proposing to pay off some student loans.

“It’s so refreshing to be around little kids who just want to learn,” said Dominic Ballweg, a freshman entering the UW-Platteville education program. “I think when people think of teachers in a stereotypical way, they think of low paid people who don’t make money. “

This is why this fall, the School of Education is offering a Loan Repayment Assistance Program (PARL). The program applies to three types of loans: Federal Student, Parent PLUS, and Private Alternative.

“This is for all of our new freshmen who are primary and middle school majors, so when you come to our university, stay with us for four years, then when you graduate, until Whether you earn $ 48,000, we’ll pay off a portion of your student loans. », Jen Collins, Dir. from UW-Platteville School of Education said.

This means that until they earn $ 48,000 per year, students will receive help from the university to make their payments.

Jamie Nutter of Cooperative Education Service Industry, District 3 (CESA 3) hopes this will keep teachers in the classroom.

“This is a great strategy to tackle the teacher shortage, especially in rural areas, we need all the help we can get,” Nutter said.

Nutter said that this year, some rural school districts may not receive nominations from teachers.

“School districts are no longer just competing against each other for these candidates, they are competing with all industries because of their skills. rural areas, ”Nutter said.

Ballweg is happy that he doesn’t have to choose between a dream career or paying off his loans.

“I’m sure I’ll find a job somewhere, but paying off the loan at that point will help me,” Ballweg said.

School of Education employees say UW-Platteville is the first public institution in the country to offer this type of loan repayment plan.

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