Unions support students; churches avoid rules

Teachers’ unions at the service of students

Subject: Letter from Alan Garner dated August 19, “Teacher Union Review Boards”:

I have been an educator for 38 years. Mr. Garner accurately describes the union’s role as an advocate for those who serve our school districts. The way he jumps to the conclusion that union leaders “don’t care about the welfare of your child” is baffling. Union leaders serve at the request of their peers. They are elected to their roles and serve a valuable purpose. Keeping a school district running is a very complex undertaking. This can only be successful with people fulfilling different missions. Determining that someone doesn’t care about children based on their job is absurd.

Having worked side-by-side with the people Mr. Garner disparages, I believe I have a better basis for assessing their character and values. I don’t know Mr. Garner, but from what he says, it sounds like he doesn’t care about those who educate the children in our community.

Tom McCollumVentura

Double standard for churches

So let me get this, churches are not subject to the rules that were created to prevent the spread of the COVID virus through close contact. But the rest of us are bound to obey laws, made with the blessings of religion, that don’t agree with medical facts, etc. The medical facts are proven while the contribution of religion is not. So let’s level the playing field. If religions continue to be successful in imposing their belief systems on us, then let’s get them to pay taxes to level the playing field. Fair is fair, isn’t it?

Jim Shahan, Oak Park

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