The University of Troy organizes student orientation – The Troy Messenger


Troy University is setting the stage for new freshmen and transfer students this fall.

The university is currently conducting IMPACT Orientations, which will bring all new students to campus to familiarize themselves with the field before starting classes on August 11.

Birdie Norris, deputy coordinator for IMPACT, said the directions give students a chance to get their bearings and all the information they’ll need when they move to campus in the fall.

“IMPACT brings all of our new students to campus so that we can educate them on everything they will need to know before they start classes,” Norris said.

Norris said the university will hold nine sessions for freshmen and two sessions for transfer students. But, she said, some students might not be able to attend one of IMPACT’s summer sessions.

Norris said about 130 to 180 students will attend each session, bringing the number of incoming students to around 1,300 right now. But, she said, that number would increase over the next few weeks as more students register for upcoming IMPACT sessions.

According to University Relations, the sessions scheduled for June 23, 28 and 30 are closed, but there are still places available for the sessions of July 7, 12 and 14 as well as the session of June 25 and July 12 for transfer students.

In addition, there are two virtual sessions on June 25 and July 9. However, these sessions are limited to people with health or travel restrictions.

The University also organizes sessions for parents on the same days as the student orientations.

“These are parent awareness sessions,” Norris said. “We are organizing an orientation session for parents of new students. We answer any questions they may have about funding, university calendar, planning, etc.

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