The national school revolt is underway


Most Americans want schools to promote knowledge and uphold the principles of human decency. They want schools to be safe. They don’t want children to be racially humiliated or exposed to anomics and depravity. A fourteen-year-old boy wandering around campus – any campus – in a floor-length robe doesn’t look sane to them.

What is happening in “our” schools, some ask, and not in a sunny way. Too many people know from experience, at least in the metropolitan and blue-liberal neighborhoods, that any parent who confesses the Ten Commandments or praises the Boy Scout Act could get the headmaster’s fish eye. If dad opposes critical race theory or transgender toilets, heads explode. A chilly conference on diversity might not be enough. Should we call security or 911? Educators, on the other hand, tend to view dissident parents as mentally unstable and possibly dangerous. The same is true of obscure figures within the Biden administration.

A growing number of parents oppose local educators who pit their children against the nation, history and values ​​with which they were brought up at home. IPhones hoisted at school board meetings across the country register division and dismay. So far – but that may soon change dramatically – educators in public schools interpret parental discontent as illegitimate right-wing harassment. The #Resistance feminists who constitute a large part of the public teaching force subscribe to the political line not so much out of conviction but out of intense and obsessive hatred of Trump.

The Loudoun County, Va., School follies have been on the air for months, with Fox News and Tory activists happily stirring the pot. Distraught school superintendent Scott Ziegler compares disruptive parents to the Jan.6 Capitol rioters. Board chair Brenda Sheridan personifies the zealous Fairness Commissioner, savoring power like a suburb of Beria. Ziegler, a $ 285,000 employee with benefits, attempted to cover up a sexual assault and was caught red-handed. When the abject apologies and resignations come, Loudoun’s parents have been asking for months.

Now, the unexpected outcome of the Virginia governor’s race has provided an edifying tale. Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe’s remark that parents should leave school politics to the pros has sparked a startling political death spiral. “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what to teach,” he said, as distraught parents across the country are wondering why “our” schools have lost touch. normal and mundane. Her last-minute desperate campaign claiming Virginia’s teacher body is too white was sad and shameful. Newly elected Republican governor of Virginia Glenn Youngkin has spoken repeatedly about local parental controls.

The CRT is not a theory but a rallying cry. It’s a shortcut for the many “equity” programs, diversity training sessions, and lesson plans that distinguish white children as inherently privileged and insist that white supremacy saturates past American institutions and present. There are other complaints from parents related to CRT, including transgender rights. The New York TimesProject 1619, which seeks to reframe U.S. history in terms of slavery and racial oppression, and California’s recently adopted ethnic studies curriculum are also well-publicized irritants. Free sex education, multilingualism and restorative justice leave parents cold. They don’t focus on either phobia, upcoming climate disasters, gun violence, or suicide prevention. Pride months and birthday parties that boost self-esteem are not their idea of ​​school reform.

Teacher unions and allied organizations expect elected politicians to follow their edicts, more diligently in Democratic states with strong union networks: New York, California, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Illinois, for example. The National Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers, with some 3.6 million members united, demand a tribute to the sclerotic theory and failed practice. The NEA has been pushing anti-white racism for decades. “All Whites Are Racists,” his 1973 class manual Education and racism declared. “Even though whites are completely free from any conscious racial prejudice, they remain racist because they receive benefits distributed by a white racist society through its institutions. “

Nearly forty years later, the NEA maintains that many Americans deny their racial guilt and “want to ignore the systems of oppression that have harmed people of color.” The National Association of School Boards, American Association School Administrators, the National Association of State School Boards, and the Council of State School Principals are following suit. Education schools and certifiers do the rest. For the progressive left – the dominant metropolitan faction of public education – the conservative insurgents are not only wrong. They are morally corrupt or bad.

AFT’s horrific Randi Weingarten oversees an army of hardened urban educators and teacher assistants. For the past eighteen months, she has done her best under the guise of teacher protection and health concerns to keep schools closed and extort new gifts from her constituents. Children who depend on schools to provide basic services, medical care, meals, order and shelter have been the most absent and the most underserved.

Public education cannot be reformed at the state or federal level. Many fearless personalities have tried and failed. Any shift towards open competition – not to say higher academic standards and a restored affection for the humanities – would force educators to forgo budget lines, salary points, rule-of-law contracts, sinecures, and residual ideals, if any. Those responsible for running public schools across the country have created an elaborate masquerade designed to mask inadmissible differences in ability, human nature, individual motivation, and family background. They intend to keep it that way.

As activists wave banners, more parents are quietly trying to make arrangements to protect their own children from slander and follies in safe and functioning schools. In the blue metropolitan areas, even for those with the cash to afford property or expensive tuition, they can be hard to find. The selective private schools and the best performing public schools in gentry quarters are often the most flamboyant left-wing virtue signalers.

School reform in the future means escaping the regulatory maze and soulless mediocrity of Leviathan through public charters, private alternatives, and homeschools turned into neighborhood clusters. It means decoupling local operations from standardized state and federal mandates, guidelines, and ideological compliance, and reinvigorating parental choice.

Parents who seek academic fit and demanding codes of conduct will be ruthless in their revealed preferences. They will not allow their children to be fairness guinea pigs. Thus, school-grade islands will survive and new oaks will emerge from the acorns. In public education, systemic racism is not the quality killer. Systemic rigidities, legal protocols, union cartels and the bureaucracies concerned are.

A nationwide parent-fueled school revolt appears to be gathering momentum, and Virginia is confirming the push. Thoughtful education traditionalists, including Youngkin, exercise common sense and common sense, promising the public to restore confidence in “our” local schools. To do this, they must prepare for vicious attacks from powerful educational interests happy to plunge forever into the gloom of government-imposed stasis, mediocrity and propaganda.

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