The Editorial Board: Full State Funding of Formula Must Produce Better Education Outcomes | Editorial


We are not denying our neediest districts the resources they need to do the hard work of educating children from many different socio-economic backgrounds. New York, however, has a well-deserved reputation for continuing to throw money at schools and hope for the best. Aside from the disruption caused by Covid-19, including months of distance learning, it’s not clear that the majority of children in our neediest neighborhoods have made great strides in the classroom.

A March report from the Empire Center, a conservative think tank, showed New York’s spending on public elementary and secondary education reached $ 25,139 per student in the 2018 school year. 19, the highest in the country.

Using annual data from the U.S. Census, the report says New York state schools spent 91% more than the national average of $ 13,187 per student.

Per student, New York public school spending in 2018-19 was 23% higher than New Jersey, 18% higher than Connecticut and 42% higher than Massachusetts, ”Empire wrote Center.

Salaries and benefits, including generous pensions, are realities of life in New York State, where powerful teachers’ unions dominate the education landscape. The teacher salaries and benefits category accounted for an expense of $ 17,335 per student, according to the Empire Center, 118% more than the national average of $ 7,963.

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