Tendring principals and teachers in peace talks after strikes


Heads of schools and teachers engage in peace talks to achieve “stability” after previously disagreeing on a restructuring proposal.

Labor groups representing members of the Tendring Technology College have agreed to suspend all strike action scheduled for the next three weeks.

This decision follows constructive discussions with the Academies Enterprise Trust that took place during the mid-term recess.

As a result, the two sides agreed to engage in further progressive discussions with a view to achieving a more friendly relationship and peace for students and staff.

In a joint statement, a spokesperson said: “We are pleased to confirm that an agreement has been reached between AET, the National Education Union, the Teachers Union and UNISON.

“This follows the trust’s decision to put the restructuring on hold to allow further discussions with employees and recognized unions.

“All parties have agreed to engage in open discussions with a view to agreeing on a purpose-fit staff structure to ensure that the needs of every TTC student are met.

“We want to ensure a staff structure that brings both stability and sustainability.

“Members of the AET Executive Committee will be visiting the school this week and we encourage colleagues to share their comments and ideas on what the staff structure should look like for September 2021 and beyond. ”

The verbal ceasefire comes after staff, parents and students at Tendring Technology College went on strike for three days.

Armed with signs and the support of parents and students, they formed picket lines outside the Thorpe-le-Soken and Frinton campuses.

The protests were aimed at protesting a restructuring proposal that school staff said would lead to devastating job cuts.

Clacton and Frinton Gazette:

Bosses of the state-funded trust admitted they had reduced the number of teachers by four percent, but said the school was “significantly over-staffed” compared to similar schools.

They also said they believed the changes would provide students with more teaching time and additional opportunities in grade six of the school.

Parents and teachers were also unhappy with claims the trust was taking £ 1,250 per pupil of the Department of Education’s £ 4,500 allowance to help manage the multi-academy setup.

The trust bosses denied the request, saying they were taking just £ 575 per student.

A teacher, who asked to remain anonymous, welcomed the discussions but said people shouldn’t be too excited just yet.

He said: “We look forward to AET coming to discuss how to move forward and we are happy to see the new CEO of the trust making an effort.

“Obviously we have to wait and see to make sure they actually deliver on those promises and listen to the staff to move us forward in a positive way. ”

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