Teachers’ unions submit 60 cases to MOE each year, issues range from grievances to posting requests

SINGAPORE: Singapore’s teachers’ unions submit 60 cases to the Ministry of Education (MOE) each year, with issues ranging from perceived unfairness in assessment to posting issues.

In a written response to a parliamentary question from MP named Abdul Samad Abdul Wahab, the Ministry of Education said on Monday (October 3): “Some are related to workplace grievances such as perceived unfairness in the workplace. assessment or workplace relations, while others may involve requests such as those related to secondment or leave issues.

“In addition to these individual cases, unions are also escalating member inquiries, seeking clarification on general HR policies.”

The Ministry of Education added that it regularly engages the four teachers’ unions affiliated to the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) – the Singapore Teachers’ Union, the Singapore Chinese Teachers’ Union, the Malaysian Teachers’ Union of Singapore and the Singapore Tamil Teachers’ Union. .

This allows for the mutual sharing of personnel and union issues to “provide field analysis and personnel policy feedback” to the MOE.

“MOE follows up on all cases referred by unions and then closes the loop with the individual member as well as the union,” the MOE said in its response.

During the September session of parliament, Mr. Abdul Samad, who is the deputy chairman of the NTUC, said in an adjournment motion that teachers’ unions receive more than 1,000 grievance cases each year.

These cases range from managing student behavior to parent abuse and issues related to mental health or career progression.

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