Teachers unions sent big campaign money to Democrats in early 2021


Sign that 2022 could be a difficult year for Democrats, the largest teachers’ unions in the country have made significant donations for the campaign Political action committees (PCBs) allied to this party.

Last week, Roll Call reported the country’s two largest teachers’ unions – the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) and the National Association of Education (NEA)– Sent nearly $ 2 million to Democrats in the first three months of the year.

AFT gave $ 1.6 million and NEA gave $ 371,000. This is an increase over what AFT and NEA spent in the first three months of 2019 and 2020.

These campaign donations drew criticism from Republicans.

“The country’s two largest teachers’ unions – were funneling mountains of money to Democratic campaign organizations and candidates as those same organizations fought to keep schools closed,” noted the Republican National Senate Committee (NRSC) Last week.

Republicans also pointed out that teacher unions are donating to Democrats while opposing students returning to in-person learning.

“With open arms, Democrats have taken huge donations from teachers’ unions who have fought to keep schools closed, while parents want to bring their children back to classrooms,” said US Representative Michael Waltz, R-Fla.

According to the Center for Responsive Politics, teacher unions give almost all campaign money to Democratic candidates as opposed to Republicans. Last year, during the debate on closing and reopening schools, 98% of AFT donations went to Democratic candidates while only 0.26% went to Republicans. The NEA gave 95% of campaign donations to Democrats and only 2% to Republicans.

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