Teacher Recruitment Request via MPSC

Aurangabad, July 23:

The various teachers’ unions have demanded that teachers be recruited through the Maharashtra Public Service Commission (MPSC).

It may be noted that there was a ban on the recruitment of teachers for nearly a decade.

After agitations by teachers’ unions, the state government made a decision to recruit 12,000 people through the Pavitra portal in 2017. But permission to recruit was granted in 2019.

Among them, 5,031 teachers including 466 Urdu speakers were recruited.

The Department of Education has received various complaints regarding recruitment through the portal.

The Education Commissioner, Suraj Mandre, has submitted a proposal to the President of the MPSC to recruit teachers through the MPSC.

One of the Akhil Bharatiya Urdu Shikshak Sangh (ABUSS) Teachers Union has submitted a memorandum to Chief Minister Eknath Shinde, Deputy CM Devendra Fadnavis for recruitment of teachers through MPSC as expert applicants would get justice in teacher recruitment.

The said proposal is expected to be approved immediately, and some technical modifications are currently required to commence teacher recruitment through the MPSC, until such time as the teacher recruitment process is initiated, the organization seeking to recruit teachers should receive immediate approval. Sajid Ahmed of ABUSS said they have asked Education Commissioner Suraj Mandre to immediately fill the vacancies.

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