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This student loan repayment session will focus on different payment plan options and how to decide which one is right for you, as well as which career fields offer loan forgiveness options.

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Studies have shown that financially literate consumers actively plan for retirement and accumulate more wealth over time than those without the same knowledge. Additionally, those with limited financial literacy tend to borrow more without accumulating wealth, resulting in incredibly high fees for loans and other financial products.

To put it simply, financial education creates stability; the absence of it, the struggle. To ensure that all Chattanoogans have access to financial tools and education, in 2014, Chattanooga Neighborhood Enterprise (CNE) created its Money School program. Money School started as an annual one-day event offering classes on a variety of financial topics, and now, due to growing demand, the programming has expanded and we are offering Money School opportunities throughout the year. ‘year.

For this event, the CNE is pleased to introduce Money School’s partner, SouthEast Bank, to host a session on student loan repayment. The instructor, Chad Adams, has been in banking for over 20 years.

Please note: masks are mandatory.

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