Sophisticated mobile radars are still pointing to drivers a year after the high-tech kit was introduced in Gloucestershire


A sophisticated type of mobile speed camera that can display clock speed as well as recording details still attracts drivers a year after its introduction.

Ten drivers will soon have a nasty surprise at the station regarding their excessive speed after being caught by high-tech cameras in the Stroud area.

Unlike previous mobile speed cameras, the Trucam device means drivers don’t need to be pulled over and issue a ticket. They were first used in the county at the end of November 2020.

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Instead, they will be notified by mail of their speed where they could face fines or invitations to speed awareness classes.

The new cameras, which have been in use in Gloucestershire for a year now, also mean they can be used by PCSOs as well as police officers.

Two PCSOs were on duty Monday and Tuesday at Bisley Old Road, Folly Lane, London Road and Merrywalks.

They said the 10 speeding tickets will have news from the speeding ticket office soon.

The highest recorded speed was 30 mph in a 20 mph zone.

Trucam devices mean PCSOs, or any officer, do not need to stop the vehicle to issue a fine. The cameras record the registration make, make and model of the vehicle – and the speed.

Instead, video evidence is sent to the police ticket booth, which can result in speed awareness training, fines, or prosecution for every speeding driver.

People wondered how effective cameras would be if drivers could see PCSOs standing on the side of the road and point them at them because they would simply slow down.

A response on the Stroud Police Twitter account said shortly after the devices were introduced to the county last November: “Usually our device picks up the speed of a car before the driver sees our officer, despite our fashion sense or lack of coverage.

“Drivers often look at the road directly in front of them. “

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