Snyder: Let’s put Virginia in the lead again | Chroniclers


Northam’s tyrannical regime also wreaked havoc on our economy. As a serial entrepreneur, I know a thing or two about how the economy works, and I know that picking winners and losers – declaring businesses essential and non-essential – is unfair, destroys lives and crushes them. dreams. That’s why my wife Burson and I started the Virginia 30 Day Fund, a nonprofit that has raised tens of millions of dollars and helped over 1,100 small businesses survive during the pandemic. As Governor, I will bring the leadership of a solutions-driven entrepreneur to Richmond, knowing that often the best thing government can do is step aside and let innovators thrive.

Extremists in Washington, DC and Richmond have declared war on our God-granted constitutional rights and launched an attack on our free speech by embracing the culture of cancellation. We need a new leadership that will protect and preserve our rights, our divergent views and our quest for life, freedom and happiness. Most importantly, it is time for a governor who protects life and who is proud to stand up for Virginians’ Second Amendment freedoms. And as President Trump showed us in 2016, Republicans must fight and never back down for our principles and values ​​if we are to win.

This campaign is also committed to restoring the integrity of our electoral process. For Republicans, Democrats and Independents, confidence in our electoral process is at an all-time low. Holding safe, legal and trustworthy elections is fundamental to the freedoms we enjoy in Virginia, so we must provide the transparency and accountability that voters expect.

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