Shame on McCarthy, McConnell and other leaders; Missouri Has Many Weapons To Avoid Growth And Other Higher Letters | Letters to the Editor


The Missouri GOP legislature has an arsenal of weapons that hamper economic expansion. Opposition to adding jobs, housing, public housing and health care protections for LGBTQ Missourians remains strong. However, companies are increasingly realizing that inclusive business practices lead to more productive and engaged employees, increased customer satisfaction and, ultimately, improved competitiveness that improves the bottom line.

Additionally, four years after the Missouri NAACP issued a warning to black travelers to stay away, the organization’s president, Nimrod Chapel, said the group’s travel advisory was still in effect until Missouri to make “significant progress on systemic abuses affecting people of color.” ”, Including the disparity in roadside checks and police brutality. Meanwhile, tourism is suffering.

Perhaps a repeal of a Missouri law that removed the state’s anti-discrimination law would help. Currently, in order to win an employment discrimination case, the law requires people to explicitly prove that their race, gender or other protected status is a “motivator” for abuse inflicted by their boss or employer. their colleagues. It is an almost impossible bar to cross. Previously, workers in Missouri had only to prove that their status was a “contributing factor” to win.

And we cannot forget, according to the Missouri Chamber of Commerce, that the expansion of Medicaid would strengthen the economy by creating 16,000 jobs per year for five years, increase the economy by $ 2.5 billion and, most importantly. , would expand access to health care for 230,000 Missourians.

Perhaps the GOP-led Missouri legislature needs to arm itself with common sense and respect for its constituents.

Ed Shew • Lake Saint-Louis

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