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The Los Angeles County Department of Arts and Culture has announced that 41 Los Angeles County school districts, including some in Santa Clarita, will receive a total of $ 867,700 in grants.

Nova Scotia Promotional Grants Program It is administered by the LA County Arts Education Group. This is a county-wide initiative to make art central to the growth and development of all children. Promotional Grants Undertaken By Arts Ed Collective Funder Council Provides flexible funding to the school district to advance arts education in LA County.

The Advancement Grants, along with the School District Matching Fund, will catalyze more than $ 1.6 million this year to increase access to dance, media arts, music, dance and dance education. theater and visual arts. School districts use Advancement Grants to provide school-wide arts education in a variety of ways, including artistic integration, professional development and resources for teachers, learning about social feeling in art, art classes and the purchase of musical instruments. Make.

Arts education is essential to the overall well-being of our youth and contributes to academic performance, social development, public participation and career success, the arts and culture said in a press release. Research such as Art Education Profile: Report on Public Schools, 2015-17 However, students from low-income communities, learners of English, and students of color have less access to arts education than their English-speaking classmates high-income whites, indicating a lower quality arts education they are receiving. I am.

Will be notified by the Regional Arts Education Master Plan The Advancement Grants program is one of the Arts Ed Collective’s school strategies that directs resources and investments to a historic and underserved community. Advancement scholarships are fair in terms of priority points for school districts that serve large numbers of students (10,000+) and school districts, youth who are raising and English learners who are eligible for free and reduced-price meals for more than 71% of students. Promotes sexuality. Below is a complete list of recipients for 41 school districts (including 4 charter school networks).

“Advancement Grants brings artistic and cultural resources to Los Angeles County school districts. We are proud of how the program incorporates equity lenses into its design. Hilda L., chair of the Los Angeles County Supervisory Board. Solis said: In District 1.

“Advancement grants demonstrate the strong impact of public-private partnerships, with the dual objective of achieving scale and equity in arts education while prioritizing resources and investments in historically underserved communities. . “We did it,” said Kristin Sakoda, director of arts and culture. “Especially as we continue to recover from the pandemic, the human bonds, the educational involvement, the happiness and the creative expression that art provides are more important than ever. We are in the Arts Ed Collective. We are deeply grateful to our district, charity and county partners for working together to ensure that all young people have the opportunity to create and thrive through art. “

“We are honored to be able to support these 41 school districts, and these matching grants will initiate, expand or maintain access to quality arts education for our students at this critical time. I am excited about all the different ways this can help, ”said Chef Jacqueline Chun. He is responsible for the programs and operations of the Karl & Roberta Deutsch Foundation and chair of the Advancement Grants Subcommittee of the LA County Arts Ed Donor Council.


ABC Unified School District
Alhambra Unified School District
Antelope Valley Union High School District
Arcadia Unified School District
Azusa Unified School District
Baldwin Park Unified School District
Burbank Unified School District
Centinella Valley Union High School District
Compton Unified School District
Covina Valley Unified School District
Culver City Unified School District
El Monte Union High School District
El Rancho Unified School District
Garvey Primary School District
Glendale Unified School District
Glendora Unified School District
Haciendara Puente Unified School District
Hawthorne School District
ILead charter network
Foundation for Urban Education
Keppel Union School District
Lonedale Primary School District
Lynnwood Unified School District
Magnolia Public School
Monrovia Unified School District
Montebello Unified School District
School district with mountain view
New Hall School District
Norwalk La Mirada Unified School District
Paramount Unified School District
Pasadina Unified School District
Pomona Unified School District
Rose Mead School District
San Gabriel Unified School District
Union Sogas School District
South Pasadena Unified School District
Sulfur Springs Union School District
Whittier Town School District
Whittier Union High School District
Wilsona School District
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