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We’ve all heard the one of the troubled person begging and pleading “Please let me win the lottery,” and is continually frustrated until one day that person hears about it from above “Do me a favor and buy a lottery ticket, right?”

A similar lesson can be found in the predicament faced by those who would very much like to distribute the money intended to help West Virginia high school students continue their education. While social media gives us the impression that teens across the country are bemoaning the high cost of a college education, there are millions upon millions of dollars available to help them do just that.

Those responsible for distributing that money are even extending the deadlines to encourage more students to apply. Most recently, the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission extended the deadline for the West Virginia Higher Education Grant to July 1.

“Working closely with the Department of Education, we are working to put West Virginia high school students in a post-pandemic state of mind and help them plan for their future after graduation,” Sarah Armstrong Tucker, the state’s higher education chancellor, told another outlet last week.

Mountain State students, however, have access to over $ 100 million in student aid each year, as Armstrong Tucker pointed out. “If students don’t apply for these programs, that money stays on the table.”

Parents and guardians may need to be part of efforts to engage students in “Post-pandemic state of mind”, by pushing to complete the free national application for federal student aid or applications for scholarships and state grants. Besides, adults may also need a little help.

Here it is: our children’s future is too important – and too important for this state – to leave anything on the table if it helps them get a good education. Get the job done, my friends. Complete these applications.

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