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UPDATE: MONROE, LA. (KTVE / KARD) – Louisiana State Police (LSP) are keeping a low profile on body camera video of Ronald Greene’s fatal arrest.

Today, the 2-year-old video has not been released by them, but since entering the public eye, the agency has undergone a nationwide review.

Shaken, bloodied and bruised, the public gets a first glimpse of the fatal arrest of Ronald Greene.

On May 10, 2019, the LSP Troopers embarked on a high speed chase with Greene which resulted in his vehicle later crashing into a tree.

The Associated Press reports that LSP first told Greene’s family that he died in the impact of the collision, but the recently released video proves that was not the case.

Ouachita Parish NAACP chairman and former Shreveport police officer Ambrose Douzart said the incident was excessive.

“As my ex-experience was in law enforcement myself, you train and then you retrain.” Douzart went on to explain the need for police reform.

At one point in the video, an LSP officer is seen dragging Greene by the feet while he is handcuffed.

Greene was left face down and unattended for over 9 minutes, as officers cleaned his blood from their hands, remarking, “I hope this guy doesn’t … have AIDS.”

The cause of Greene’s death remains unclear. He was last seen loaded into an ambulance; and by the time he got to the hospital he was dead.

An administrative inquiry was only opened more than a year after Greene’s death. A federal civil rights investigation has also been opened into the incident.

NBC 10 received the following statement from LSP when we contacted regarding the incident.

“LSP remains under the direction of the investigative agencies not to disclose any additional evidence or information related to this case.”

At least 7 officers are named in the federal lawsuit – one accused in a separate excessive force case – two more now fired from the department. One of these dismissed officers later died in a car accident in September 2020.

MONROE, LA. (KTVE / KARD) – NBC 10’s Bode Brooks lives outside the Federal Courthouse in Monroe, Louisiana, in the midst of the first public viewing of body camera footage of Ronald Greene being repeatedly stunned, punched and drugged by Louisiana State Police as he apologizes for leading them in a high-speed chase.

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