My personal economy Day 7 Student loans

What’s going on guys in today’s video i have a discussion on student loans. I didn’t realize there was $ 1.6 TILLION in student debt.

I myself have a student loan debt that I graduated 2 from and only use one (you can only use one at a time if they are from different fields of study) . I like the idea of ​​being educated, but not at the expense of starting your life after college in the cycle of debt and helplessness.

In the video I go to Youtube to lead by example for those of us with student debt, and wow there are a lot of people who probably won’t admit it but have over 300,000 student debt. At this price whatever the degree I should lower.

The thing about college is that you are taught almost all the skills you will need to be successful except your own finances. Even if you get an accounting degree, no knowledge is given on how to manage your finances. Why you should be living below your means How not to end up in a financial crisis.

Before going to college, look for other ways of teaching as a secondary option.

Be thoughtful
Be aware
Be love
Be useful



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