Marshall FFA students build tables and benches with grants | Way of life

Marshall ISD FFA students worked hard to design and build new benches and tables after supplies were provided by a grant from the Marshall ISD Education Foundation.

The foundation, which awards thousands of dollars each year to Marshall ISD teachers across campuses to improve classroom learning, recently awarded a grant to Marshall FFA teachers that allowed them to purchase supplies needed for construction.

After purchasing the lumber and other supplies, Marshall FFA students set to work designing and building new tables, benches and picnic tables for their fellow students to use during recess and lunch breaks.

The Marshall FFA recently delivered the new furniture to Marshall Junior High School, and the students were excited to use it.

Last fall, the foundation awarded 69 grants for a total of $48,609.

Some of the other grants awarded recently have funded teachers for math programs, sensory bins for elementary classrooms, reading programs, an outdoor garden for students at Price T. Young Elementary School, digital globes for students at Marshall Junior High School, reporting studio equipment for students at Marshall High School, a kiln to fire pottery for art students, and funding for various science lab experiments at Marshall High School.

The foundation works year-round to raise funds with the goal of supplementing teachers’ classrooms with tools, software, and other innovative ideas to help with student learning.

Teachers then write a request to the foundation, expressing their idea for the funds, and foundation members then award grants to teachers to see those ideas come to life in their classrooms.

Those wishing to donate to the foundation to help fund the Teacher Grants can do so by visiting the foundation’s Facebook page at or by sending a check to PO Box 8303, Marshall , TX 75671.

Those wishing to donate can also link a Kroger card and/or Amazon Smile account to the foundation, which provides a small percentage of each purchase as a donation to the foundation.

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