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A pair of loons nesting in the Lake District of New Hampshire are the stars of the Loon Preservation Committee’s 24/7 camera.

Loons laid their first egg on May 24 and a second on May 27; biologists expect the chicks to hatch from June 19-21. Viewers can tune in to watch loons incubate their eggs and interact with each other and other wildlife they share the lake with.

Bill Gassman, a longtime Loon Preservation Committee (LPC) volunteer and loon camera operator, said 2020 was a banner year for the audience. The cam is in its seventh year of operation.

“Watching the loons continue their normal nesting routine, as well as being able to soak in the peaceful surroundings of the lake, seemed like a much-needed respite from all that was going on in the world last spring,” Gassman said in a statement. Press.

LPC is hopeful that the Loon Camera will help educate the public about New Hampshire loons and the threats they face when they are on our lakes, said Harry Vogel, senior biologist and CEO of LPC.

“These include natural threats such as the control of black fly swarms or predation, but also many threats of human origin, such as lead poisoning resulting from the ingestion of lead fishing equipment. , the tangle of fishing lines that prevent loons from eating or keeping their feathers waterproof. , boat collisions and nest failures due to human recreational pressure, ”said Vogel.

“If the loons camera can help more people get interested in loons and their protection, then we’ve done our job.

He said the Moultonborough-based nonprofit monitors loons statewide as part of its mission to restore and maintain a healthy population in New Hampshire and to promote a better understanding of loons. and the natural world. To access the loon camera, go to loon.org/looncam.

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