Local teachers protest against compulsory vaccination

A group of teachers from the town of Mohács in southern Hungary are organizing a protest against compulsory vaccination because they believe many will change professions as a result of the measure. The two main teachers’ unions were also invited to the demonstration. Employees of other companies where compulsory vaccination has been introduced have also expressed their wish to participate.

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Csaba Hetyei, a teacher from the city of Mohács, told the information portal Index that unvaccinated teachers in the area have created several social media groups in the past to discuss their issues with each other. The number of interested people having exceeded expectations, they decided to organize an event. The purpose of the demonstration is to make the government aware that the introduction of compulsory vaccination will cause serious problems in the education system.

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Compulsory vaccination endangers the functioning of schools, teachers’ organizations say

According to teachers' organizations, compulsory vaccination endangers the functioning of schools

While vaccination is compulsory in public institutions, this is not the case in those run by the church or private schools (where the head of the institution may have the final say).

The two teachers’ unions, PSZ and PDSZ, which also criticized compulsory vaccination, warning that it will potentially lead to teachers leaving their profession or at least public education, were also invited to the demonstration. According to Hetyei, employees of other companies who were also due to be vaccinated also expressed their desire to participate.

According to the decree, teachers must be vaccinated before December 15 or they will be put on unpaid leave and dismissed after a year.

According to the Department of Human Resources (EMMI), 90 percent of teachers have already been vaccinated, so regular classes are not threatened with serious problems. However, the ministry fails to mention that there has been a shortage of teachers in Hungary for years, especially in the natural sciences, so more teachers leaving the profession or public education will indeed have an impact. negative on the sector.

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Mandatory vaccination in the public sphere may lead to further staff shortages

There are not enough police and firefighters on duty right now, and due to this recent decision, “there will be no one to do the job,” according to the president of one of the unions. Continue reading

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