LIVE UPDATES: Razorbacks host Mississippi State


Half: Arkansas lead Mississippi State 13-7 at halftime. It feels like the Razorbacks should be ahead by several touchdowns, but the offense has been less than ideal for a while.

Dominique Johnson had the Razorbacks’ only touchdown, a half-yard scoreline at the end of the first quarter that made it a 10-0 game. He has 48 rushing yards in eight carries.

KJ Jefferson completed his six passing attempts for 71 yards.

Cam Little scored 46 and 48 yards in the first half, putting points on the board after Razorbacks’ practices stalled due to lack of execution.

Arkansas was penalized eight times for 72 yards and it was 0 of 2 on third downs when they needed 1-4 yards to move the chains. The Razorbacks also faced a pair of third and long and did not convert any.

The Bulldogs got on the board in the closing seconds of the half with a touchdown pass from Will Rogers. There was a snap after a pass from him was knocked down by Myles Slusher and recovered in the end zone by Simeon Blair.

Officials ruled that Slusher had intervened and the pick was overturned. Sam Pittman was livid on the sidelines, but it looked like Slusher had hit Rogers’ target a little earlier.

Mississippi State will kick off the second half and have a chance to take the lead.

: 07, 2Q: Mississippi State is on the board with a three-yard touchdown pass. The Bulldogs make it a 13-7 game just before the break.

: 09, 2Q: Bulldogs with a new round of downs and a break after Myles Slusher is called in for DPI. He contacted Will Rogers’ target a bit early to break a pass, which was knocked down and picked up by Simeon Blair in the end zone. MSU in Arkansas 3.

: 16, 2Q: The State of Missisippi faces the third and 12 years after a short achievement by Will Rogers.

: 49, 2Q: Tre Williams arrives with his first sack his dominant performance against Texas A&M on September 25. He now has five sacks this season. The state of Mississippi is at Arkansas 29.

3:21, 2Q: Raheim Sanders gave the Razorbacks a good start in what could be his last streak before halftime, pushing them way past midfield. Arkansas, however, must settle for another basket. Cam Little hit a 48 yard yardstick to make it 13-0.

On the third and 1 before the field goal, Treylon Burks made a left lunge gesture to the backfield, then took a pitch on a play that was supposed to look like wrong direction. He lost four meters.

7:09, 2Q: Mississippi State has made its way through the field and into the red zone, but big hits and tackles from Grant Morgan and then Hayden Henry / Joe Foucha force a 23-yard field goal attempt. It is missing wide on the left.

Arkansas’ lead is 10-0. One of the funniest atmospheres of the season tonight. Fans are obviously thrilled for a game without 11 a.m. and that the Razorbacks have a chance to be bowl eligible with a win.

12:01, 2Q: Grant Morgan arrives with the first Will Rogers mistake of the night. He takes Rogers off and then jumps over the quarterback as he tries to pry his legs off and knock him down.

Arkansas, however, cannot take advantage of it. The Razorbacks will kick after a single-yard streak. The State of Mississippi will take up the torch at 38 years old.

Arkansas’ lead is 10-0.

End 1Q: Arkansas leads Mississippi State 10-0. Cam Little had a 46-yard field goal and Dominique Johnson added a short touchdown run.

The Razorbacks outscored the Bulldogs 122-53 during the quarter. Treylon Burks totaled 51 of those yards on 1 carry and 1 catch.

Mississippi State has the ball at Arkansas 28 after a fourth-down conversion and an 11-yard run on the last play of the period.

3:48, 1Q: The Razorbacks extended their lead over Mississippi State to 10-0 after a Dominique Johnson touchdown. KJ Jefferson came half a yard from the score in the previous game. Johnson and Jefferson are now tied for the team lead with five rushing touchdowns.

6:54, 1Q: Will Rogers, who completed 36 of 39 assists last week against Kentucky, is already 0 of 4 today. The Bulldogs have five offensive yards on six plays so far.

Arkansas has possession again at 48 after an eight-yard punt return by Nathan Parodi. It doesn’t seem like a big comeback, but any distance you can get in the return game is critical.

The Razorbacks lead is 3-0.

7:08, 1Q: Arkansas defense with another strong streak. John Ridgeway lost a block near the Bulldogs’ center and threw the running back after a short win. Will Rogers then pitched incomplete on the second and third downs. Joe Foucha hit the target on the third try, destroying him near the midfield.

The crowd is really into this game from the start. It is very noisy.

7:52, 1Q: Arkansas are first on the board thanks to a 46-yard field goal from Cam Little. The Razorbacks lead Mississippi State 3-0. The score was largely established by a 25-yard catch and managed by Treylon Burks.

Arkansas has three false start penalties at this point. The last one arrived immediately after Burks’ reception, again putting the Razorbacks behind the chains. Their next three plays scored seven yards, and then Little came on.

11:31, 1Q: Mississippi State picks up four yards on its first series. Will Rogers pitched high and incomplete on the third down to bring out the Bulldogs’ punt team.

The Razorbacks were hit with a penalty for the punter. The state of Mississippi refused it. Razorbacks’ 32 ball after the punt.

12:17, 1Q: Malik Chavis, Myles Slusher, Jayden Johnson, LaDarrius Bishop, Joe Foucha and Montaric Brown are starting high school today in Arkansas.

12:17, 1Q: Arkansas’ first practice was marred by a few false start penalties and then a negative play on the third and-1s. The Razorbacks take off and Mississippi State will begin its streak when it turns 20.

13:41, 1Q: Dominique Johnson took a transfer to the right, where Dalton Wagner again plays a tackle, and picked up eight yards before officials decided he was fumbling. The part is being revised. After a quick glance, they judge Johnson was down before the ball came loose.

14:09, 1Q: Arkansas opened the game by swinging the ball at Treylon Burks on the right side of the field. He then threw deeply towards De’Vion Warren, but the ball was knocked over by a bit. KJ Jefferson then completed a third pass to Warren Thompson for a first down.


updated at 2:59 p.m.: Arkansas won the toss and chose to host the kickoff this afternoon. Razorbacks safety Jalen Catalon marched with the captains until the 50 with his right arm in a sling.

Mississippi State took the field for a booing course on the east side of the stadium.

14:35 update: Undressed attacking players – QB Lucas Coley, RB Javion Hunt, RB Josh Oglesby, RB Donte Buckner, RB Reid Turner, TE Erin Outley, TE Nathan Johnson, TE Zach Lee, OL Cole Carson, OL Terry Wells, OL Josh Street, OL Jalen St. John, OL Ray Curry Jr., OL Dylan Rathcke, TE Collin Sutherland, WR Darin Turner and WR Chris Harris.

Undressed defensive players – LB Marco Avant, LB Kelin Burrle, LB JT Towers, LB Brooks Both, LB Jordan Hanna and LB McKinley Williams, DB Jalen Catalon, DB Chase Lowery, DB Zach Zimos, DB Kevin Compton, DB Jermaine Hamilton- Jordan and DB Jon Conley.

13:50 update: Good afternoon at Razorback Stadium. It’s a perfect day for football. I couldn’t ask for a better time.

Mississippi State players have come onto the field to stretch and out, and now the Arkansas specialists are on their pre-game routine. A big standing ovation for kicker Cam Little, who had a productive first-year season and just scored goals from 50 and 52 yards.

Razorbacks defensive coordinator Barry Odom has a side chat with SEC Network’s Tom Hart and Cole Cubelic.

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