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What we control in our education system are the teachers’ unions. Barack Obama came to power pretending to champion education reform, then, under pressure from teachers’ unions, shut down the highly successful voucher system in the nation’s capital that allowed poor and bright minorities to attend of private schools that many in the Senate and Congress send their children including Obamas.

Teacher unions are the driving force behind low standards and contribute to the high dropout rates of black and Hispanic students. Teacher unions are strong contributors to Democrats and, along with Democratic politicians, are harshly pushing back against No Child Left Behind, charter schools, vouchers and any kind of reform that tries to take control of our responsible education system away from them. of the abyss of educational achievement of minorities.

We don’t have systemic racism in this country, we have a dumb system that is backed by state-compliant red media that supports this outrageous level of poor academic achievement. Democrats and teachers’ unions are no longer interested in educating our children. They are interested in indoctrinating their young minds to think and behave like a Democrat. This is why the Biden administration and Democrats fully support the promotion of critical race theory in our schools and, like the Obama administration, arms government agencies to go after the American people for opposing. to its tyrannical takeover of our country and its freedoms.

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