Letter: “Education” serves a socialist agenda | Letters

I don’t think I’m the only one with this opinion, but here goes anyway, why do students need a whole week off in February when they’re already late? Thanks to the virus that spread from a foreign country and the authoritarian type government. in place now that never finds solutions to problems, but only causes more problems? In February there was only one or two days off for Presidents Day, why a whole week now? If there are going to be more days off for students for some reason, why even have brick and mortar buildings for school anyway? Students’ education would be better served by homeschooling anyway, and liberal, socialist, and racist government agendas would not be so easily taught if parents had more of a say in their children’s education. Real education is learning tangible things, like how to count, making changes, spelling, writing, learning real American history, biology, music, arts, and reading, among other real educations, instead of agendas policies that pit race against race and kin. against the child, etc. Students need more quality education, not what’s easier for teachers’ unions and the government to manipulate with young minds. Why does the government think it knows better than parents what is the best education for their school-aged children? To get and keep more government control and power, that’s why. November 2022 will change that. We the people have had enough!

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