Legislation would create grants for adult education


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Legislation soon to be introduced in the state’s House of Representatives would create a dedicated $ 12 million fund to provide grants to eligible adult basic education providers.

Bill 1728 would cap grants at $ 500,000, with larger grants potentially available for multi-agency collaborations.

The grants are intended to help adults returning to the workforce. One in three Americans lack the digital skills needed for tech jobs, according to estimates.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has further exacerbated a situation where we have adults looking for work for a variety of reasons,” said State Representative Jim Struzzi (R-Indiana), who will present the project. of law. “The Adult Education Stimulus Fund would support bridging courses, high school equivalency exam scholarships, tuition expenses, marketing and outreach, and other programs. innovative for adult learners. It would help bridge a gap in our economy, as well as in the lives of people who are willing and eager to change and improve. “

The bill will support people with work experience who wish to expand their employment opportunities, Struzzi said, and will meet “the needs of adult learners looking to improve or learn new skills … or both” .

Struzzi worked with the Pennsylvania Association for Adult Continuing Education when drafting the legislation.

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