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A teachers’ union wants general election candidates to declare that they will support more investment in education.

NASUWT has launched a campaign calling on candidates to make a public commitment to invest in an education system that will help all children and youth in the Isle of Man be their best.

Dr Patrick Roach, Secretary General of NASUWT, said: “The general election will be a key moment for the public services and education system in the Isle of Man.

“This election is an opportunity to tackle the legacy of the past decade which has seen the value of teachers’ salaries and pensions decline, while teacher morale has been shaken due to mounting pressure from the workload.”

Relations between the unions and the Ministry of Education, Sports and Culture have been strained during a long-standing conflict.

“Teachers gave their all, they took on the challenge of ensuring continuity of learning and support for students during the pandemic, and now is the time for politicians to show their support for the teaching profession,” said Dr. Roach.

“Investing in the teaching profession is vital for the resumption of education and ensuring that current and future cohorts of teachers are not forced to leave the island to look for work elsewhere.”

He added that politicians must also keep their promises.

“Failure to implement the promised education law further damaged teacher morale and failed to implement much-needed reforms regarding student behavior, curriculum and student support with additional needs, ”he said.

“We urge voters to take the opportunity of this election to send a strong message to politicians that they must take action to invest in teachers and provide children and young people with the education system they deserve.”

General elections take place on September 23.

All 24 seats in the House of Keys are up for grabs.

Isle of Man newspapers have asked all candidates a series of questions for the specials to appear in the Examiner on September 14 (for constituencies from Ayre and Michael to Douglas East, in alphabetical order) and Manx Independent September 16 (for other constituencies).

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