How a Maryland “Moms for Liberty” Group Became Our Country’s Culture War Leader

Mno changes have occurred in this country due to the COVID-19 pandemic. What started as the survival of a deadly virus has turned into a revelation of the overreach of aggressive left-wing government, elitist superiority and double standards. Then came the unintended consequence of remote learning – the discovery of the extent of left-wing brainwashing in our nation’s public schools.

As outraged parents fought for change, organizations sprang up across the country to resist such indoctrination. One of the most effective organizations in the country was Moms for Freedom. In Carroll County, Maryland, mothers created a chapter that has become the latest example of parental efforts to be a beacon of hope and a catalyst for change.

The organization’s website features a quote from John Adams, founding father and second president of the United States. “Children should be educated and instructed in the principles of freedom,” the quote reads. It dates back to the 18th century, but Adams’ sacred words ring true in 2022. It’s a sentiment many need to remember – advice that’s driving the left crazy.

The spirit of Adams’ quote is exemplified by Carroll County Chapter President Kit Hart.

“I felt the call to start a chapter of Moms for Liberty when it became clear that bureaucrats were making decisions for my children that I was rejecting,” she told me. “The COVID policies that school boards and other jurisdictions imposed on us were contrary to the educational flourishing of our children. Virtual school was a failure, playgrounds were covered in gruesome duct tape and children had to wear a piece of cloth over their face while they learned to read and communicate.”

Carroll County Moms for Liberty Chair, Kit Hart

Moms for Freedom

Hart highlighted a critical concern about virtual education. While the left assured parents of the need and benefits of virtual schooling, the reality of the situation was dire. Recent national standardized test results of the National Education Progress Assessment found a significant decline in student test scores between 2019 and 2022, mostly seen as the result of remote learning. When it comes to raising children, the Liberals, Democrats, and teachers’ unions were all wrong.

“Common sense politics were thrown out, and I couldn’t just sit back and allow people who had never even met my children to make decisions that I knew were counter-intuitive and wrong,” Hart said. . “I was drawn to the organization for its advocacy for our rights as parents, and the firm but cheerful way in which its leaders act. The fight against masks was the first battle in this war on childhood , and it prepared us for the most deranged battle against any shred of innocence.”

Mask and vaccine mandates were the starting point for many mothers in Moms for Liberty. Another chapter member, Shelly Leigh, also joined because of masks in schools. Then, like many other mothers, she became aware of the toxic school programs the children were subjected to.

“At first it was the mask and vaccine mandates…then came the gender theory program,” Leigh told me. “I don’t believe that’s something the school should be teaching. I do have empathy for people in the LGBTQ community, but that doesn’t belong in the classroom.”

Moms for Liberty of Carroll County recently celebrated its first anniversary. Even at this event, they focused on their goals and how they would accomplish them. Their leaders have stressed the importance of volunteering at the polls, helping to improve the community, fighting against “woke” school curricula, and helping elect political candidates who adhere to their values, among other things. The chapter is like a well-oiled machine.

The Mothers Group is a dynamic force and continues to grow. They organized food and toy drives for people in need in their communities. They also held a Bus Driving Appreciation Day to thank the people who drive many of their children to school. A year into his journey to help Carroll County make a difference, Hart reflected on the group’s accomplishments.

“We rallied and spoke out at school board meetings against mandatory masking at the county and state level,” Hart told me. “We were also successful in gaining support for a flag policy consistent with the county’s political neutrality policy, which states that no flags other than state, county, American, or lesson-relevant flags shall can be displayed in classrooms.”

Kit Hart, Shelly Leigh and all the mothers of the Carroll County Chapter have worked diligently to challenge the attacks of the left on our culture. They stand for honest and open speech, hold monthly meetings and mobilize to be the change they want to see in society. They host renowned speakers and enthusiastically embrace education and knowledge sharing on various topics.

From government overreach during the pandemic, to the discovery of blatantly inappropriate books in school libraries, to opposing left-wing brainwashing in public schools, they have truly become frontline culture warriors. and beacons of freedom in these perilous times. John Adams’ era had the Sons of Liberty, who championed American ideals and virtues; today we have moms for freedom.


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