Guy chokes after his wife repays student loans for Christmas: VIDEO

26-year-old stay-at-home mom Jayla Henry just surprised her husband with the best Christmas present: paying off his student loan debt.

On TikTok and Instagram, Jayla posted the moment her husband Tony opened his giveaway and learned that he would enter 2022 debt-free.

The video begins with Tony unwrapping a pair of shoes that read “debt free”.

Jayla put a text on the screen that read:

“I gave my husband gag gifts for Christmas leading to his surprise!”

Tony looked confused by the moccasins and asked why there was “debt free” printed on them.

Jayla replied:

“Yeah, I wanted you to walk around debt free.”

That’s when Jayla hands him her phone to play the recording of her conversation with a representative of Sallie Mae.

The representative can be heard saying:


Overwhelmed by the reality of paying his debt, Tony covers his face as if he could cry.

The two kiss and a picture of his account that says, “All student loans are paid in full,” flashes on the screen.

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Work hard to prepare our family for a great future. Merry Christmas❤️ #debtfree #merrychristmas #bestgift #fyp #husbandgift #emotional

Jayla said Buzzfeed about this moment:

“I’m a great town crier, so I instantly had tears in my eyes.”

“Seeing his appreciation was all I needed, but it was also so special to me that he cried too because he doesn’t do it often.”

“He knew how much I had to sacrifice to pay for them.”

“After the video clippings, I got the biggest and longest hug, a million ‘Thank you’ and a ‘I owe the world to you now’.”

“I am so happy that we can close this debt chapter! “

The couple’s supporters have showered them with admiration both on TikTok and on Instagram.

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Student loan debt seems to be everyone’s priority as President Biden pushes back on student loan repayment to date another 90 days to May 1, 2022.

So how did Jayla and Tony do it?

In early 2021, the couple looked at their finances together and set goals to eliminate their debt. However, the Henrys faced a huge hurdle.

Tony lost his job due to COVID. Fortunately, Jayla was able to continue to grow her online presence and pay the bills through branded partnerships.

Jayla has approximately 232,000 followers on Instagram and 227.4,000 followers on TikTok.

Since becoming an influencer, Jayla had put aside her income in an emergency fund and a children’s fund, but secretly she also saved up for Tony’s student loan debt.

Jayla explained how she got inspired to do it:

“Before I became an influencer, I was a stay-at-home mom with zero income, but wanted to be home with my baby.”

“Not once have I been made to feel bad about it – only appreciated for everything I have done at home and with our son!”

“That alone made me want to pay him back.”

“I was never really the type to splurge on anything, let alone on loans, but I knew that in order to accomplish something like this I really needed to see the big picture. of my expenses. “

“Buying only what we needed, not what we wanted, taking into account the money coming in and going out and how much I could afford to put aside on each paycheck …”

“My husband luckily found a job in July and it has been a big help with our bills and savings. “

Jayla and Tony first met in the tailgate of a college.

Upon meeting Jayla said to Tony with her arms wrapped around him:

“I just want you to know that you are going to be my husband.

Four years later, the couple moved to Texas and pursued their dream of seeing Tony use his architectural degree and design their home.

Now that they have no more student debt, that dream is more like a reality.

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