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The largest group on the activities and interests of educators in the St. Joseph school district on Monday congratulated its own organization and classroom leaders.

The regional branch of the Missouri State Teachers Association and the St. Joseph Community Teachers Association have come together for an annual transition of power at the Troester Center. This was one of the first in-person and in-person after-school educator gatherings to take place this year. Staff are planning a fall semester – bolstered by increased vaccine availability – in which pre-COVID-19 conditions can be restored. Noah Bielby, science teacher at Spring Garden Middle School and CTA president-elect, reflected on what will come next.

“I think it’s important that we keep a positive mindset with everything,” he said. “You know, keep in mind, ‘How can we help kids keep a positive attitude? “No matter how serious the situation, it is our duty.”

On Monday, Kelly Bristol, who recently started serving as CTA president alongside MSTA regional president Alycen Shewell, took oaths of affirmation by new officers like Bielby and presented various awards to members of the group. In addition to the elected president, Jenny Goss has become the treasurer of CTA; Adam Brown became the CTA high school representative; Raelynn Stroud became the representative of the college; Miranda Ham became one of two elementary school representatives, joined by former MSTA regional president Denise Peters.

“The members believe in you,” said Peters as he carried out their oaths of affirmation. “You can count on their cooperation as our organization grows stronger because of you, its leadership. Every member has great potential, and that power is cumulative.”

Bielby explained how the past year has been quite a journey for all educators and that it is now her responsibility to help them through the next chapter.

“It’s a very proud moment to represent my fellow teachers,” he said. “To help people and always think about what’s best for the students.”

Dr Robert Sigrist, director of non-academic support and student services at SJSD, who became CTA’s representative for the district administration, said he appreciated the willingness of educators to step into leadership roles. precious.

“MSTA and our local CTA have always been great advocates for our staff and students and have been outstanding leaders in our district,” said Sigrist. “

In addition to the leadership changes, a number of teachers each received a grant of $ 100 to pay for classroom supplies or other needs presented in their respective applications. In addition, scholarships of $ 500 were awarded to educators attending higher education courses to pursue their own professional development. The grant recipients were Brooke Kissel, Charisse Giseburt, Courtney Burgess, Melissa Mollus and Tanya Dalrymple. The grantees are Lisa Reed, Megan Finney and Whitney Strasser.


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