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Associate Professor of History and Department of History Chair Leo J. Garofalo has added to Conn’s recent series of prestigious faculty grants to support important research.

Expert in the history of Peru and the Andes, as well as the African diaspora in Iberia and Latin America, Garofalo will receive six months of research funding from the Gerda Henkel Foundation in Germany. Her research project examines the key roles Africans and their descendants played in the social fabric of Spanish colonial rule in the Cuzco region of the Andes in the 1500s and 1600s. The grant includes support for three months of research abroad in a variety of archives located throughout Peru, notably in Lima, Abancay and Cuzco.

“I am honored to receive support for this work and grateful to have the chance to contribute to Andean Studies in a way that will benefit our College students and those in Peru who seek to better and more fully understand their own communities. past and present, ”Garofalo mentioned.

Garofalo explained that this period in the history of the black experience in the southern Andean cities and the agricultural and mining region is poorly understood and little known, and that his aim is to produce a nuanced and much more detailed portrait of this population during this chapter of history. .

Several universities in Peru had already asked Garofalo to present preliminary results over the summer, but this new funding will significantly improve the project.

“This grant will allow me to make further contributions and collaborate with Peruvian universities that have hosted me in the past as an undergraduate exchange student and later as a visiting Fulbright professor,” said Garofalo said. “These schools also regularly provide excellent study opportunities for Conn’s students, and these exchanges between Peru and the College are essential to what global education means in Conn, and they help make this place a place to be. so special to teach and learn. ”

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