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TIRUCHY: Even though instructions to start classes for freshmen at state arts and science colleges did not arrive until Thursday, Bharathidasan University (BDU) has already announced semester practical exams because from October 20 for them, the colleges left few options, but to rush with the lessons.

Long before the GO on the start of classes for freshmen starting October 4, BDU announced on September 27 that the practical exam for them would take place between October 20 and November 10.

Former President of the Association of University Teachers K Pandiyan said: “The higher education department seems to be indifferent to the fate of the students. the exam? “

Commenting on the situation, a lecturer from a district government college said, “We haven’t taken a single course for freshmen. Second and third year students can get by as their classes have resumed. for at least the (first year students) get acquainted with the practical experiences and laboratories. It is only after this that we will move on to theoretical lessons. It is the only choice. “

Several non-autonomous, self-funded and affiliated EDR colleges are also faced with the same situation.

To deal with the situation, colleges have planned to hold practical exams for seniors first (those in second and third year) and later for first year students. However, even then the availability of the lab would be an issue. “We will only have the free labs until October 20. Seniors may want to try experiments before the exam. It would be a challenge to put all the lab training together in just two weeks,” added one. source.

A few independent colleges that do not need to follow the calendar announced by the BDU have already started practical exams for final year students.

Representatives said they would schedule exams for first and second year students later.

When asked, EDR Registrar G Gopinath said he was confident that it would be possible to prioritize hands-on lessons for first-year students to be ready for the exam.

Last year, first year classes started at the end of August and exams were held in November.

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