Former HC chief justice moves court to request removal of CCTV cameras outside his home in Chandigarh


(Retired) Judge NK Sodhi has appealed to the High Court of Punjab and Haryana asking for the removal of the CCTV cameras installed in front of his residence.

NK Sodhi filed a petition with the High Court asking for the removal of the CCTV cameras installed in front of his residence. (Photo: Getty Images / Representative)

Alleging that his privacy is being violated and that “there is sufficient security in place”, (retired) judge NK Sodhi filed a petition in the High Court of Punjab and Haryana requesting the removal of the cameras video surveillance installed in front of his residence. The cameras were installed at the residence of the current Chief Justice of Punjab and Haryana High Court Judge Ravi Shankar Jha.

(Retired) Judge NK Sodhi has served as chief justice of several high courts in India.

In his plea, Sodhi said that cameras in front of his house can also record movement outside his house, allowing unauthorized electronic recording of people visiting his house. This, he said, violates his right to privacy. He, in his petition, requested that the CCTV cameras be relocated so that movement outside his home cannot be tracked.

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He said in the plea,

“The CCTV cameras installed can monitor the street in front of the Chief Justice’s house and at least the petitioner’s house and adjacent house No. 34 and 37, Sector 4, Chandigarh, in addition to being able to monitor green belts / parks in la to the west and southwest of said house. The cameras can record people, cars and other vehicles entering, exiting, entering and exiting the petitioner’s house, they can view the front and side parts of the petitioner’s built house. Thus, there is an invasion of the privacy of all residents of house no. 36, including the applicant and his family.

Sodhi further pointed out that there are six other judges who live in the neighborhood along with several other prominent people with a large contingent of security personnel. With police patrolling the area regularly, there is already sufficient security for the chief justice, he said.

In his petition, he also asked the High Court to issue specific instructions for installing CCTV cameras in the state.

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