Florida McDonalds Restaurants Seek Again Candidates For Gold Scholarships For Educators

This is the second year that McDonald’s restaurants in Florida have awarded grants to educators. Raphael Velasquez has 21 McDonald’s franchises in the region, which covers Tallahassee. He said the idea of ​​awarding scholarships came about because of all the extra pressure the pandemic was putting on educators.

“We kicked off our first year during COVID. Some educators and people who organize extracurricular activities applied. And we had someone here in Tallahassee who won and it was awesome! I was there and was able to donate his money to the program. “

The “Golden Grants” initiative was so well received, said Velasquez, that it was time to take it to the next level.

“We actually increased the amount of the grant program over the previous year. We’re just happy to do it. And McDonald’s being here in Tallahassee, community is what comes and supports our business, and it’s just a great way to support our community.

More funding, Velasquez explained, means more potential impact.

“We have 27 grants totaling $ 100,000 here in Florida. Here in North Florida we have 10 grants totaling $ 40,000. We have a winner of $ 10,000, $ 3 to $ 5,000 and 6 to 2,500 $. “

All kinds of activities that advance general learning goals are eligible.

“Eligible activities for the Golden Grant include arts and crafts programs, education initiatives, mentoring and empowerment programs, after-school programs, community services, athletic programs, and more. Thus, educators and those whose efforts qualify can apply for a Golden Grant once at:


Velasquez said the process is quick and easy, but the deadline is quickly approaching.

“And they have until December 10 and the grant recipients will be selected on February 1.”

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