Distance learning should end with pandemic, says Quebec union


The union is calling on Education Minister Jean-François Roberge to set clear guidelines for when lessons can be moved away – and snowy days don’t count.

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Distance learning should never be promoted after the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a teachers’ union, as it has a major impact on students and teachers.

This conclusion is drawn from a study by the Federation of Private Education Personnel (FPEP), affiliated with the Centrale des unions du Québec (CSQ).

In a report released on Sunday, the union highlights the negative consequences of online learning for students and school staff, including less retention of material by students, erosion of student-teacher relationships and overload. of teachers’ work.

“For us, this practice must remain exceptional”, declared the vice-president of the FPEP-CSQ, Marie-Josée Dallaire, during an online press conference.

Dallaire denounced the desire of some institutions to standardize distance learning, a practice that she said could harm students and staff.

“Snowstorms or competitions that take place on a school day are not exceptional circumstances that justify disrupting the planning and pedagogy of teachers,” she said.

The FPEP-CSQ asks the Minister of Education, Jean-François Roberge, to establish clear guidelines for distance learning as of the next school year and not to “give in to the many pretexts” that could justify its use. .

The FPEP study, conducted among 17 affiliated unions, included interviews with teaching and support staff.

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