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Much of the nonsense that divides our country comes from our education systems. Restrict math instruction because the results aren’t ‘fair’, make sure eight-year-olds know more about marginal sexual behavior than a 19th-century ‘sex worker’, and confess without a doubt as the sun rises and sets on racism. of our schools.

But we still teach the basics, don’t we? Not really. Research has shown that there are almost 25 countries where children have better science and reading skills. Almost 40 have better math skills. Most educated people in America cannot even name 40 countries.

When I started teaching, every teacher in my department had an elementary education at an American K-12 school. When I retired, only one teacher had attended an American elementary school. All the rest had been educated in other countries.

In addition, we are spending more money than any country in the world to achieve these results. The cost per student in New York State is $ 24,000 per year. It is $ 12,500 in California. Does anyone think New York students are twice as educated as California students? In Oregon, which proposed to do away with math, $ 1 million will “educate” just 83 students for less than a year.

Start your own business. Recruit 83 students and receive the million dollars. Hire four teachers at $ 100,000 each (25% more than teachers in Oregon now receive, even with benefits). Hire a secretary and a versatile person for $ 50,000 each. Rent your space, pay for all utilities and other costs. You would still make a profit of $ 400,000 per year.

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About half of the money spent on schools never sees a student. Something is really wrong with our schools, and it’s not just how much it costs.

The research is clear that our state university education colleges take the worst students (as determined by standardized tests), give them the best grades, and then drop them to educate our children.

But do not worry. As one teacher put it on social media, it is normal for teachers to have poor grades because “elementary teachers don’t need to know the most advanced material to teach the basics of grammar. [sic] and arithmetic.

1. Eliminate an undergraduate major in education. Even professors with a doctorate in education are bored with education. Just look at their logs. Much of what is there is actually politics and social issues. Require a student to obtain a real degree before being certified.

2. Get rid of teachers’ unions. Research has shown that most teachers don’t even like their unions. It is difficult to say at this point whether teachers’ unions are a branch of a political party, or whether a political party is a branch of unions. Either way, unions are more interested in politics, fashionable social issues and money than real education.

3. Eliminate the Federal Ministry of Education. It has no legitimate function. It exists to buy votes and to exercise federal control over local schools by withholding tax money. It costs about $ 70 billion a year to run one of the worst bureaucracies on the planet, and it’s clearly a failure.

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