Dash cam shows drug dealers in £ 100,000 BMW in 100mph police chase on M6 and busy streets


A dramatic police chase that led to the arrest and conviction of two drug traffickers was filmed.

They were caught with 5kg of cocaine after overtaking a police car in their £ 100,000 BMW i8 on an emergency lane

PC Patrol Car Dashcam shows Simon Pagett’s company on the M6 ​​near Junction 7 near Walsall, West Mids.

One of the stunned officers is heard saying, “Really? Before setting off in pursuit of the powerful BMW i8 on November 5.

The footage shows Pagett, alongside his friend Dean Stone, pretending to stop when he sees the blue lights before accelerating to over 100mph.

Simon Pagett and Dean Stone

Pagett, 39, slipped through the cars on the A34 towards Walsall, at one point reaching the median, and skipped several red lights.

He even took a tour of the Toby Carvery parking lot in a desperate attempt to escape before exiting the road where Stone jumped out of the car and fled holding a backpack.

Stone, 40, was arrested as he attempted to board a nearby taxi, while the backpack was retrieved from some bushes.

It turned out to contain five 1 kg plates of high purity cocaine worth around £ 500,000.

Capture video from images
Capture video from images

Five minutes later, Pagett stopped the car and surrendered to the police.

He later claimed to have made £ 300,000 raising dogs, cutting down trees and running a vehicle salvage business.

The two men, from Walsall, admitted to possessing drugs with the intention of supplying them with Pagett also pleading guilty to dangerous driving.

Last Thursday (5/27) Pagett was jailed for seven years and Stone sentenced to six years in Birmingham Crown Court.

West Midlands Police investigator Mandy Dorrington said: “Pagett and Stone clearly believed they were above the law and far too important.
wasting time in a queue – but unfortunately for them they undertook one of our
patrol cars.

“Pagett tried to ignore the forward police driver, but after a few minutes he realized it was an unsuccessful task and gave up.

“He was driving a BMW i8 worth over £ 100,000.

“In an interview he claimed the car and his lifestyle were funded by his dog breeding, tree cutting and vehicle salvage businesses, which earned him £ 300,000.

“We will test that claim and look at his finances… and any money or assets that he cannot show has been legally accumulated, we will seek to seize under the proceeds of crime law. “

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