Commissioner Calvert’s 2018 property tax freeze for seniors should help homeowners

Commissioner Tommy Calvert votes 9 times in 7 years to ease tax problem he warned about

SAN ANTONIO, June 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Rising real estate assessments and hidden taxes set by a Republican-controlled Texas MAGA lawmaker are hurting seniors and working families. Bexar County Commissioner Tommy Calvert plans to increase the senior property tax exemption he created in 2016 from $10,000 to $30,000 per property.

Since his first election in 2015, Commissioner Calvert has voted 9 times to reduce property taxes for Bexar County residents. He created the first college tax exemption program for seniors.

ALERT: On Tuesday, June 7, the Court of Commissioners will vote to extend the Bexar County property tax exemption to 20% of the assessed value of a homestead. County commissioners will also vote to increase Commissioner Calvert’s Health University property tax exemption for seniors to $30,000.

These expanded tax exemptions are steps for taxpayers to take, especially our seniors who are struggling to stay home on a fixed income,” said Commissioner Calvert, who represents Ward 4. We also need to fill the leadership vacuum created by heads of state who continually dismiss the financial hardship of families facing higher taxes on their biggest investment, their homes. »

In 2018, Commissioner Calvert created and passed the University Health Care System’s initial $10,000 tax exemption for seniors after longtime Southeast Side resident Robert Koening approached him during a a 2015 Highland Hills Neighborhood Association meeting for a seniors’ property tax freeze.

Martin Kushner, former president of the Tobin Hill Community Association, recently voiced similar concerns and worked with Commissioner Calvert to address the issue after seeing his college health tax bill rise 378% since 2007.

Seniors like me welcome the proposed increase in the senior tax exemption, but we need additional relief to tackle this growing problem,” Martin said. I support Commissioner Calverthis vision for a comprehensive tax freeze for seniors and we are grateful for his continued leadership in making this issue a top priority. »

In seven years in the Court of Commissioners, Commissioner Calvert’s tax cuts have returned more than $107 million to homeowners in savings since 2015.

Republican MAGA lawmakers have increased the burden on homeowners to pay for public schools from 50% twenty-five years ago to 60% today. This increased burden has led to record protests, a problem Calvert saw coming years ago. The “school funding formula” in Republican budget bills mandated sweeping assessment increases of nearly 10-14% every two years, well above inflation.

“The MAGA state leadership is creating chaos in Texas. Families shouldn’t risk losing their homes due to the state’s failure to provide meaningful tax relief as Republicans divert funds to their donors in the freeway concourse,” Commissioner Calvert said.

Calvert has increased Precinct 4’s emergency assets to unprecedented levels despite tax cuts.

Since taking office, Commissioner Calvert has opened the Dr. Robert LM Hilliard Medical Clinic in East San Antonio. Additionally, Commissioner Calvert lobbied for University Health to purchase 41 acres in northeast Bexar County to build a new hospital for residents who must travel 11-14 miles to reach a hospital or clinic. UH.

Commissioner Calvert also supported a new University Health Hospital near Texas A&M University-San Antonio and created the new Public Health Division within University Health. He voted for $10 million to help fund a new partnership between UT Health and the University of Texas at San Antonio to develop a school of public health.

Commissioner Calvert was the first elected official in Bexar County to highlight the need to address long-term health issues related to COVID 19. Working with University Health and PAM Specialty Hospitals, Commissioner Calvert led efforts to to establish a new long-term care hospital in District 10 of the City of San Antonio at Randolph Blvd. at Royal Ridge.

Commissioner Calvert has recruited Methodist Health Ministries to revitalize the abandoned Southeast Baptist Hospital, ensuring no horror comes from the southeast side. It provided $1.5 million in funding to the Bexar County Clinical Skills Laboratory at the University of the Incarnate Word.s School of Osteopathic Medicine at Brooks.

Calvert restructured the Precinct 4 Emergency Services Districts to provide new fire stations in Elmendorf and northeast Texas Palm in Converse, Texas. Thanks to Calvert’s vision, another new fire station will open next month on Walzem Road.

I also want to thank my fellow Commissioners Justin Rodriguez, Rebeca Clay-Flores and Marialyn Bernard for joining me in extending property tax relief to families in Bexar County,” said Commissioner Calvert.

About Bexar County Commissioner Tommy Calvert
Tommy Calvert is Bexar County Commissioner for Precinct 4. Heis the youngest and first African-American county commissioner in the history of Bexar County. Los Angeles Weekly called it San Antonios prodigy,” and Gardner Selby of the American Statesman of Austin said he was one to watch.” Calvert represents more than 500,000 Ward 4 residents of the 2 million who call Bexar County home.

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