Colorado Republicans May Win With Youngkin Or Lose With Plots


The choice of Colorado Republicans in 2022 became very clear in the recent election for the governor of Deep Blue Virginia.

Republican businessman Glenn Youngkin scored an unlikely victory by sticking to the issues that mattered not only to the Republican base in rural Virginia, but also to a large number of suburban voters in Democratic Virginia. north outside Washington, DC

He refused to get drawn into absurd and politically deadly conspiracy theories about how the 2020 election was stolen from President Donald Trump who did not campaign for Youngkin in Virginia.

Youngkin has given voice to thousands of suburban parents who were tired of their children losing school ground amid teacher unions insisting that schools remain closed during the pandemic. These parents were also surprised to learn of their children’s far-left indoctrination into the concepts of critical race theory. The CRT, contrary to what the Democrats insist, is not the legitimate teaching of American history such as slavery and the struggle for civil rights. It is a harmful worldview that is taught in the required diversity and inclusion courses.

The arrogance of unresponsive school boards – be it COVID, CRT or gender identity shutdowns – was personified by the sexual assault of two young women in a high school toilet by a fluid teenage girl who had arranged to meet the girls in the bathroom and then assaulted them. The Loudoun County Public School Board refused to acknowledge that the incidents had occurred let alone take action and transferred the student from one school to another, allowing the second assault to occur. happen. The young woman’s father was arrested as he tried to speak at a school board meeting. The perpetrator was recently convicted of assault in one case and the other is pending in court.

Meanwhile, former Democratic governor Terry McAuliffe, who earlier this year was measuring the curtains of his inevitable return to the governor’s mansion, has waged an intellectually bankrupt campaign almost exclusively accusing Youngkin of being the Trump clone.

When he wasn’t shouting “Trump! Asset! Trump! ”To Youngkin, McAuliffe was resorting to the old Democratic expectation of abortion. Perhaps the Democratic strategists who crafted the all-time abortion strategy for the well-nicknamed Senator Mark“ Uterus ”Udall when he was overthrown by Republican Cory Gardner in 2014, McAuliffe also advised.

According to CNN exit polls, only 8% of the Virginia electorate said abortion was the most important problem and among that group of voters, Youngkin won 58% and McAuliffe 41%.

As impressive as Youngkin’s victory is, Colorado Republicans should seriously take note of who was not the gubernatorial candidate. Youngkin defeated several other nomination contestants, including State Senator Amanda Chase, a “stolen election” plot enthusiast who wanted Trump to declare martial law and overturn the 2020 presidential election.

It goes without saying that if the Republicans in Virginia had nominated Chase rather than Youngkin, the Democrats in Virginia would have celebrated another big election night and the Republicans would still have been relegated to helplessness and uselessness.

And this disaster would have overtaken the governor’s race. Virginia elected her first black woman to a statewide office and she was a Republican. Winsome Sears, a former Marine who ran a homeless shelter, was elected lieutenant governor. Since Sears became a Republican, the national news media have notably remained silent on this historic election of a black woman.

Jason Miyares, whose mother escaped Communist Cuba from Castro, is the newly elected Republican attorney general. Sears and Miyares both beat the outgoing Democrats. Republicans also elected a new majority in the Virginia House of Delegates.

So, this is the choice of Colorado Republicans in 2022 in the races for US Senator, Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, a newly created 8th Congressional District, and a redistributed state legislature:

Will Colorado Republicans nominate candidates who speak out about the real issues Colorado faces and who can not only strengthen the Republican base in El Paso, Douglas and Weld counties as well as rural Colorado but also in the suburbs of Arapahoe and Jefferson counties which have had a strong Democratic tendency over the past twenty years?

Colorado Republican State President Kristi Burton Brown asked former Republican U.S. Senators Hank Brown, Wayne Allard and Cory Gardner to speak at a recent dinner. In a conversation moderated by President Brown, it became very clear why they won a tough election when so many other Republicans, both “tea party” and “establishment,” failed in the past 20 years. last years.

Brown, Allard and Gardner waged long-standing, traditional Conservative campaigns that drew in unaffiliated swing voters rather than repelled them. They aggressively defined the contrasts with their Democratic opponents while offering positive agendas for the future. Gardner was swept aside in the 2020 anti-Trump election.

Many would argue that Colorado’s massive growth has definitely changed Colorado’s political landscape as a deep blue Democrat. Indeed, unaffiliated voters now make up 43% of the electorate and they certainly voted against Trump and the Republicans in 2018 and 2020.

But immediately after the election, Dr. Larry Sabato of the Center for Politics at the University of Virginia moved the US Senate race to Colorado with incumbent Democratic Senator Michael Bennet from “Safe Democratic” to “Lean Democratic” because of similarities of suburban electorates in Virginia and Colorado.

Jessica Taylor of the non-partisan Cook Political Report said “suburban voters are back in the game” after Virginia’s results.

Whatever opportunities present themselves to Republicans in Colorado in 2022, they will disappear if conspiracy theorists, not candidates like Virginia governor-elect Glenn Youngkin, are appointed.

Dick Wadhams is a Republican political consultant and former Republican State President of Colorado who led the campaigns of Senators Hank Brown and Wayne Allard with Governor Bill Owens.

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