Charleston Co. sheriff’s office posts video on dash cam of fatal shooting involving MP


CHARLESTON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) – Officials from the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office have released dash camera video of a fatal shooting involving an MP that occurred in West Ashley.

Video shows MPs responding to a house on Mona Avenue where authorities say there was an exchange of gunfire in which Jason Husted, 47, died after being injured by MP Nicholas Vecchione .

Last week, Scarlett Wilson, lawyer for the Ninth Circuit, announced that Vecchione’s use of lethal force was “reasonable, appropriate and legal”.

“The Charleston County Sheriff’s Office was delighted to learn of Lawyer Scarlett Wilson’s decision that the use of force by Congressman Nicholas Vecchione on September 18, 2021 was justified,” the sheriff’s office said in a statement. press release published Monday afternoon.

Vecchione is on paid administrative leave, and the sheriff’s office says he will return as soon as he is medically cleared by normal assessment protocol.

“The sheriff’s office is relieved that no neighbors or law enforcement were injured in this volatile incident,” CCSO officials said.

The sheriff’s office released three videos that included a timeline of events, including deputies who responded and found cover, and the announcement that the suspect was down.

Sheriff’s Office Incident Report

In an incident report from the sheriff’s office, MPs said the incident began around 7:21 a.m. on September 18 when they responded to reports of gunfire being fired at Mona Avenue. Several residents called 911 to report that someone had fired a gun.

Investigators say the gunfire damaged several homes and vehicles in the area. A report from the sheriff’s office says that after MPs arrived at the scene, there was a firefight with one of Husted’s shells hitting a MP’s patrol vehicle.

“A deputy discharged his gun, hitting and neutralizing the subject,” said Captain Roger Antonio. “The subject was taken to hospital and was quickly pronounced dead.”

No MPs or residents were injured by the gunfire, Antonio said.

Once MPs arrived at the scene, lawyer Scarlett Wilson said, Husted fired her gun at Vecchione’s location and Vecchione fired back. The initial blow, she said, didn’t hit Husted. After Husted fired his gun again, Vecchione fired back again and a gunshot hit Husted in the upper torso, knocking him to the ground, Wilson wrote.

Wilson said body cameras showed another MP removing the 9mm Beretta Husted still held in his hand and MPs found two pistol magazines in the front pocket of Husted’s pants. MPs attempted to provide medical assistance to Husted until the EMS arrived,

Wilson said. Husted later died of his injury.

“Deputy Vecchione was the only law enforcement officer on site to shoot a gun and he only fired three times,” Wilson wrote. “All other audible shots heard in the footage were fired by Husted. This is corroborated by multiple 911 callers who saw Husted fire his gun in the front and back yards of the [Mona Avenue home] before and after the agents arrive on the scene.

Investigators recovered several 9mm cartridge cases from the front aisle and backyard and three Winchester .223 REM caliber cartridges fired by Vecchione, Wilson wrote.

Wilson said it was “abundantly clear” that Vecchione and other law enforcement officers at the scene, a member of the Husted family had been held hostage and that the neighbors were “in real and imminent danger of death and / or serious bodily harm due to Husted’s behavior “.

“It is evident that Husted fired several shots at and into occupied homes and shot the responding officers several times before Deputy Vecchione fired back,” Wilson wrote. “The use of lethal force by Deputy Vecchione was reasonable, appropriate and lawful in response to Jason Husted’s unlawful actions.”

Vecchione has been in the sheriff’s office since May 12, 2017.

Authorities said MP Nicholas Vecchione was involved in Saturday’s shooting.(Charleston County Sheriff’s Office)

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