Cam Newton and Mac Jones make good first impressions on Patriots WR Nelson Agholor


FOXBOROUGH – While a number of Patriots veterans do not compete in OTAs, Nelson Agholor was present and represented at Foxborough.

The wide receiver is entering his seventh season in the NFL, but wants to use that time to establish a new playbook and bond with his new quarterbacks. Cam Newton certainly has a solid reputation in the league – he’s a former MVP – and so far Agholor says he’s been up to the task.

“The first thing I always knew about him was that he loved football,” Agholor said. “You see him when he walks into the field. He has great energy. He loves soccer. He likes to work. And I appreciate that about him and I love working alongside him.

Newton injured his throwing hand in practice on Friday and couldn’t finish the session, but didn’t make it to the locker room and stayed on the pitch with his teammates. Agholor believed his energy from the sideline was still palpable.

” He is always there. He always speaks to wide receivers. He talks to his teammates. You feel it. You still feel it, man. That’s why he’s a great teammate, ”said Agholor. “He’s a quarterback but he’s also a great teammate because he loves football. Even when he’s not physically doing any rehearsal, you still feel his presence. And that’s every week. Even when it’s another quarterback on the pitch. He is there to root everyone. Encouraging. Great throws. Beautiful catches. Education. Things like that. So that’s his energy, man. He really loves football.

Newton isn’t Agholor’s only new quarterback, however. First-round pick Mac Jones split the first-team reps with Jarrett Stidham when Newton fell, and the rookie also made a strong first impression on Agholor.

“He also loves football,” Agholor said. “I think he’s a student of the game. Study hard. Love soccer. Communicates well. I think it’s important, the quarterbacks and the receivers, the level of communication. Coaches can teach us. Coaches can set you up. But relationships are built through communication.

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