By Democrats’ standards closing their schools is systemic racism


Joe Biden and Kamala Harris called it “systemic racism” when a white cop knelt over a black man for almost 10 minutes. But largely white-led teacher unions have knelt over the future of black American children for 13 months, and Democrats are taking millions to look away.

While the Biden administration always refuses To say whether schools should be fully open this fall despite rolling locks that have already damaged two school years, new data shows systemic racial disparities in the availability of in-person education.

Eighty percent of public schools were open for at least one in-person learning at the end of February, according to a government survey, but an estimated 78 percent of Asian eighth graders were learning in a totally remote environment “Politico reported last. week. “Almost 60% of black and Hispanic eighth graders also learned at home full time.”

The post noted that these racial disparities were also present earlier in the lockdowns. Nationwide, 52% of white fourth-graders were back in full-time public schools by the end of February, according to the latest available estimates from a government survey of school reopening commissioned by Biden. But between 54% and 69% of black, Hispanic and Asian fourth graders were enrolled full-time in distance education at that time… ”

America’s Democrats have undeniably been the party that pushed, allowed and excused school closures, while left-led countries around the world reopened schools as early as a year after the first lockdowns in March 2020. The consequences include a profound deterioration in the education of vulnerable children. which was generally of poor quality, even before lockdowns.

There is strong evidence that Democrats’ submission to unions at the expense of children is a determining factor in this systemic display of racial injustice. Newly uncovered emails on May 1 provided even more evidence that Democrats pushed to keep schools closed against the best interests of children due to their huge financial entanglement with teacher unions. The New York Post reports:

The American Federation of Teachers lobbied the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and even suggested wording for the federal agency’s school reopening guidelines released in February.

The full-fledged press of the powerful teachers’ union preceded the federal agency putting the brakes on the full reopening of classrooms in person, as emails between top CDC, AFT and Maison officials show. White.

The emails show that the nation’s second-largest conglomerate of teacher unions helped draft the agency’s “science” rules for schools. “In at least two cases, the linguistic ‘suggestions’ proposed by the union were adopted almost verbatim in the final text of the CDC document,” the Post reported.

Since 1990, AFT has donated more than $ 103 million to political campaigns, with just 0.26% of that total going to Republicans, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. AFT spent nearly $ 20 million on behalf of Democrats in 2020.

Minority children are concentrated in districts controlled by Democrats. These school districts are by far the poorest performers in the country and have typically had failed children for decades. After Biden took office, Democrats reimbursed teacher unions for their massive political and financial support by sending $ 213 to schools they control billion in Additional financing without obligation to reopen.

Analysis of data from March found that “neither the money nor the local rates of COVID infection are linked to whether schools reopen or remain closed.” What were the main factors determining whether a public school offered in-person instruction? How strong was the local power of the teachers’ unions and the Democratic Party.

Many other data reinforce it. For example:

The distance between what Democrats say they love – vulnerable minorities, the poor – and what they actually do has grown over the past year, with devastating results. Even though 80% of school staff are vaccinated right now, and we now have a year of solid evidence that lockdowns destroy children’s life opportunities, the Biden administration is still unwilling to say definitively that children should. go back to school in four After month.

Democrats have taken so much advantage of COVID that they are unwilling to pass up the leverage indefinitely, no matter how many lives they ruin in the process. Teacher unions are holding the future of poor brown and black children hostage, and Democrats are forcing taxpayers to pay repeated ransoms without even negotiating the release of hostages in return, while also expecting to see a loot reduction. It makes “we’re all in the same boat” sound like a very dark and cynical lie, indeed.

Far from having nothing to do with “science,” the availability of in-person teaching over the past year has been largely a matter of policy. This is reinforced by data on the risks of COVID for school-aged children, which are smaller than many other risks parents continue to take on a daily basis, such as climbing stairs and driving cars. This risk calculation is exactly why even left-wing foreign peer countries like Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands started reopening their schools almost a year ago.

Yet for the vast majority of American children, and an even greater proportion of non-white American children, schools have been closed. As Democrats forced taxpayers to send one of their biggest political donors billions more despite school closures, children have been devastated by the closures, especially poor and minority children. .

The costs to these children and to the future of the entire nation are enormous. Experts expect American children to be delayed by at least a full year in math on average, and likely never recover. This learning evaporation is associated with tens of billions of dollars in lost national prosperity, as well as tens of thousands of dollars in lost lifetime income for each individual.

These financial costs are easier to quantify but less than the much higher costs of lost happiness for an entire generation whose childhood has been damaged solely for the sake of the political power of the Democrats. Children who risked never finishing high school before the lockouts have now been written off as future welfare addicts in the calculations of some technocrats, rather than even having a chance to earn their own happiness through to the achievements of life.

The lockdowns have also ruined families and friendships, exacerbated child abuse, killed scores of children by suicide, destroyed the jobs of millions of people, starved millions, politicized the very act of breathing and perpetrated violence. thousands of other unquantifiable ailments around the world. All of this has hit the most vulnerable children the hardest. That’s why Dr Jay Bhattacharya calls the lockdowns “the biggest public health mistake in history.”

If these were Republicans visiting this obscurity on the world for their own benefit, Democrats would not hesitate to call it, among other things, verifiable evidence of systemic racism. But because Democrats do, all of these horrors are simply dismissed, ridiculed and ignored. Hardly anyone in power seems to care how many people Democrats have put in this situation and are shouting, “I can’t breathe.”

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