Billie Tsien on New York, student loans and the hate of Hudson Yards | New



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I would like to delete Hudson Yards. I don’t even know what I would replace it with. I feel really angry because it’s a part of the city that turns its back on him. It’s not even the buildings, or the size of the buildings – which are gigantic – that bother me. It is this backtracking. I actually refused to enter it except when I was walking on the High Line […] it claims to be a space for everyone when it is not.Bordered

Tsien, who last month opened Obama’s Presidential Library in Chicago, recently began a four-year term as chair of the United States Commission on Fine Arts, which will keep her in touch. direct with government officials on a number of different topics involving the design community.

“The biggest problem and the biggest opportunity for the architectural profession is diversity,” she said. Bordered when asked about the challenges the industry faces today. “And one of the causes is the cost of higher education which doesn’t necessarily pay off when you finish. Leaving school with $ 200,000 in debt and the prospect of a job that could earn $ 65,000 a year is intimidating. for anyone. “

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