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A collection of the best comments from the discussion forums ahead of the Rice game

Razorback fans discuss the SEC game cancellation policy at the start of the season:

PorkFusion: If a football team… cannot play a game because of the covid, the school that may have played can submit a claim for financial losses, which would likely be due to the loss of a home game or to travel expenses that she can’t get back. And if both teams can’t play, BOTH can be forfeited. Greg Sankey can declare a no-contest under exceptional circumstances, but it’s clear he expects people to get vaccinated and gamble, and report schools if they can’t.

mdw: Definition of exceptional circumstances = if Alabama is affected.

In view of the renewal of the rivalry with Texas:

wizard of hogz: Yes, yes… I know our team needs to deal with Rice before we turn to Texas. But, as a fan, I have the luxury of looking to the future. Elsewhere, someone posted a message saying they only wore red shirts for Arkansas games, but were going to be sitting in a section of DWRRS for the Texas game designated “white” (for scratch effect). So he was going to get a white game shirt made just for this game and soliciting ideas on what to put on it. Here is my suggestion: indicate the date, then: “TEXAS FAILS SEC ENTRANCE EXAM. “

worldseriesofpoker: Make sure you hang them up so they know what to expect when they join the conference.

Fans comment on the New England Patriots cutting former Auburn Cam Newton quarterback in favor of Mac Jones, a rookie QB from Alabama:

votan: Alabama beats Auburn once again!

youdaman: I am not at all surprised. Mac Jones seems to have been playing for a few years. He looks very comfortable already in the diagram. Obviously the regular season will be a step forward, but he’s a cool and very precise client.

DudleyDawson: The Pats were clearly not happy with the way (Newton) handled his covid situation, stepping away from what they called their campus and then having to miss five days of training.

marcm: Not surprised here. He never adapted to the NFL. College night and day against NFL.

hognc: I would say being the league’s MVP is a decent fit.

Matt jones: Newton was really good for his first five professional seasons, which ended with the MVP year. The Broncos tamed him at the Super Bowl and he’s not the same since.

Fans predict the final score of Saturday’s game against Rice:

LoudLoyd: It’s game week! There was a day when a game with a team like Rice wouldn’t scare Hog fans. But in the days of Chad Morris, every team knocked our knees down. I feel pretty good about that game, but I haven’t quite recovered from the shock of Colorado state, North Texas etc. half. 34-21.

wizard of hogz: Arkansas 33, Rice 23.

dbhog: Hogs 38, Rice 17. Start slow but wear them out and pick up a few late turnovers in the second half for scores.

sweet pig child: The boys are ready to roll and the excitement for Texas peaks after Rice’s whooping cough. 45-14, pigs.

votan: Arch 23, Rice 17.

LDhog: Pork roll, 34-7. The defense takes its toll and (Arkansas) hits two FGs.

Marmot: The pigs win! 35-6.

youdaman: 30-16, Pigs.

neasarkie: 31-21 The pigs win.

harleyhawgidson: Interestingly, so far in this thread, based on the posted scores, five would bet Rice and four would bet the Hogs based on the Vegas spread of -19.5. I will do it 5-5. 31-10 pigs. It is now also 5-5 to bet the upper / lower number of 51.5.

jimbeau77: 33-13, Pigs. Tip the spread in favor of pigs.

georgiahawg: The pigs are going wild. Defense scores two touchdowns (Jalen Catelon picks six and one score by Bumper Pool). Pigs 38, Owls 6.

lilhawg: We do not beat the gap, but we win, 34-17.

cody: The Hogs’ defense will shut out the Owls in the first half. The attack is slow at 1T, but accelerates by half. All the pigs, all the way. Hogs 13-0 at halftime, but came out on fire and set the Owls on fire in Q3 with 3 TDs. The defense weakens and we leave Owls on the board with 2 FG. Final- Hogs 44, Owls 6.

left-handed: 41-10, good guys.

Marmot: KJ Jefferson and offense unleash the real Briles OD is solid. Pigs 45-21.

eaglehog5: Pigs 35, Owelettes 17.

steer: 31-14, Pigs.

eurohog: It’s going to be hot on Saturday. If we play uptempo and substitute quarters or so, we’ll use them up. This year we have depth. 48-17.

still greghog: I hope it’s a lot of good guys, baby birds a bit. Choosing a score on the first game is very difficult. Heart says Hogs 42, Owls 10. My pessimistic head says Hogs 24, Owls 17.

silverlakehog: The correct score is Ark 30, Rice 13.

clarifier: Rice 21, UofA 34.

Scavenger: Arche 35, Rice 10.

sdgebg: Pigs win, 45-10.

planohog: The Hogs keep the vanilla offense and work the running game so as not to tip the hand towards Texas. The defense is back in force. Pigs 48, Rice 17.

bikehog23: I give Rice’s defense more credit, but we have too much on both sides. 27-10 pigs.

SWhog: Pigs 31, Rice 17.

beachedhawg: I think they have a higher score because they have a dynamic QB which will give us some adjustments. Ours will do the same to them. Game closed until the 4th quarter. Pigs 35 – Owls 24.

KenCarylHOG: Hogs 48, Owls 10. Actually I think it will be worse, but I’ll get back to that score. The defense will get at least 3 turnovers. The offense shows the stars of this year. 35-3 at halftime.

white25: Ark 32, Rice 22. Pigs look to the future.

dismal: Vegas did a good job on this one. Pigs 41, owls 21.

bokoshe: 52-10, All pigs.

danny: I’m here with you: Hogs 41-17.

sdhog: Pigs 42-10. I think our defense rules this game and is going to be a real strength for us this year.

pigs foot: Pigs 27, Owls 3.

razorwill: 41-17, Hawgs.

superhawgfan: The defense of pigs is good. Owls find it difficult to score. Pigs win, 37-10.

ohhmyy2006: Rice will be a formidable opponent in the first game. I’ll take a small win to identify our needs before we play in Texas.

blugrassrazorback: Arche 31, Rice 10.

obstetrician: Pigs win, 42-11. My all-time favorite final score from a pig game.

neastarki: MDR. Hmm. I only remember such a score. It was indeed a very good game.

silverlakehog: Me too! Followed by 31-6.

LAUNCH: Pigs 35, Rice 17.

hognc: Luke McCaffrey gives us more adjustments than expected and they run out of time but we always win. Hoping for a thrilling racing game that limits mistakes, but suspect we win it in the air. Closer to halftime… 38-14 turns on the jukebox.

jmetsrule: 44-12, Pigs.

Muzzle: I think the problems get better after the first possessions. UC 38, Rice 10.

bballhawg: Hawgs 43, Flat 10.

amourmyhawgsforever: Rice 21, Hawgs 20, in a dizzy spell.

adgebg: Only if they have more than five turnover. The only hope they have of avoiding a stomp is at least plus-three in turnovers. We will have to fight to lose this game.

sdhog: We’re losing to Rice at home, we can really start to focus on the basketball season.

neasarkie: Rice is probably better than the point spread. It’s probably a lot better than most people think. However, I don’t see us losing this game unless we really make some stupid mistakes. Unfortunately, this can happen. Especially in the first game of the year. After the last 4 years of Razorback football I am not taking anything for granted, but I will be very surprised if we lose this game. I predicted a 10 point win. However, I think our chances of winning by 30 are higher than losing.

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