Berkowitz with Martin on Darren Bailey’s Big Win, Kathy Salvi’s Win, and Ken Griffin’s Consultant Huge Losses – Mike Z, et al on their chosen GOP GOV, SOS and AG Primary list; Biden’s freefall; Bailey-Pritzker and Salvi-Duckworth matches: Web and cable

Jeff Berkowitz: Governor runs on IT being the nation’s abortion capital… Pritzker wants to subsidize abortion travel costs to IL for out-of-state residents… far-left idea that [doesn’t] sell well in IL… Again, an opening for Senator Darren Bailey.

Berkowitz: the gang of four [Led by Mike Z]: How bad Richard Irvin’s choice was to be the GOP nominee for governor. Mike Z will never work at IL again…

Berkowitz: The Richard Irvin Campaign: Poorly Conceived, Poorly Executed, it was all wrong, and it didn’t get better when you voted [to SOS and AG]: …every moment of this campaign… What were they thinking?

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Jeff Berkowitz and Terry Martin break down the main results of Tuesday’s primary and take a look at the Pritzker-Bailey match for Governor and the Duckworth-Salvi match for the US Senate.

Berkowitz and Martin discuss how Kathy Salvi, now the GOP nominee to take away Duckworth’s Senate seat, could overcome a huge financial disadvantage. The focus will likely be on the opportunities created by Biden’s inflation, a 40-year high; the complete failure of the control of our borders; the lack of attention to crime, brownouts and soaring energy costs; and foreign policy failures.

Similarly, Berkowitz and Martin discuss how Bailey could catch up and overtake Pritzker. In preparing over the past 2 1/2 years for the “2024 Democratic Presidential Sweepstakes,” Pritzker has shifted to the far left and Bailey may well stick it with Biden’s left wing revival policies. which earned him a “D top F” rating, with an approval rating of 40% to 45%, best among mainstream America.

Biden’s policies that could be a huge ring around Pritzker’s collar: gigantic federal spending which JB begged, $5 or $6 dollar/gallon of gasoline which Pritzker applauded with his desire to stop all efforts to increase oil production in the United States, and his obsession with stopping coal and natural gas and possibly nuclear; 10% food inflation, baby formula shortages and empty grocery shelves; the lack of attention to violent crime, the failure of national defense policies in Afghanistan and Ukraine, to name a few.

And then there’s Pritzker’s own obsession with abortion, while ignoring the loss of more than a year of learning in schools. caused by its close cooperation with teachers’ unions to replace in-person learning with unnecessary remote learning or even worse, closing schools while teachers are on vacation in Puerto Rico. The parents have not forgotten. These are significant openings for Bailey, which he has been developing for more than two years, along with his AG nominee, Tom DeVore.


Governor runs for IL being the abortion capital of the nation… Pritzker wants to make sure abortions are available to people in Missouri, Kentucky, Indiana…Apparently Pritzker wants to subsidize abortion travel costs for out-of-state residents…it’s a far-left idea that doesn’t sell well [to taxpayers]especially not with independents, not with Republicans and there are a number of so-called moderate Democrats who are not thrilled with this Pritzker emphasis…Again, this is an opening for Senator Darren Bailey [14:25-16:05]

The Gang of Four: How Richard Irvin was a bad choice to be the GOP nominee for governor. What were they thinking? The Gang of Four, led by Mike Z [Zolnierowicz]. Mike Z will never work at IL again…

Such a disaster [people] will wonder why [Mike Z] was hired for this campaign… I’m sure he’s a nice enough guy but… it was just a campaign disaster, especially Richard Irvin’s government campaign: poorly conceived, poorly executed, everything was wrong, and it didn’t get better when you voted: Secretary of State, What is that? Almost a 4 to 1 margin [State Rep. Dan] Brady beats Milhiser… every part of this campaign [by the Gang of Four] you say: What were they thinking? Steve Kim? He got beat up for [for Attorney General] by nine points… DeVore is someone who has been running for two years [without knowing it] [9:45-21:15]

Excerpt from “Public Affairs” with Berkowitz and Terry Martin, recorded June 30, 2022.

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