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It is unrealistic for the winter break to start before St. Nicholas’ Day on December 19, education unions concluded after epidemiologist Kon’s statement.

Source: Telegraf


He said this morning that the winter holidays should start before St. Nicholas Day, that is, December 19, among others, because then the gastarbeiters from EU countries return to the country, where the delta strain of the coronavirus “raging”.

According to the teachers’ unions of the Telegraf portal, the teachers reacted violently to this announcement, as they failed to organize the end of the first semester in just two weeks, especially since they would have left if the winter break had been moved according to Kon’s recommendation.

“It’s too early for the winter break to start before Saint Nicholas Day. And it’s too late to let us know now. There is still a lot of work to be done until the end of the semester. now 19 days to do everything we would do otherwise in 30 days. It is not possible, ”said Jasna Jankovi, president of the Union of Education Workers of Serbia (USPRS).

As she emphatically explained, Serbian teachers should give written homework the first week of December, mathematics teachers the second week and foreign language teachers the third. “And now we don’t even know if it will be this third week,” she said.

Milorad Anti of the Secondary Vocational School Forum says educators are not robots. “We are not working on the on / off button. 110,000 teachers who have their own curriculum work in education. You cannot tell them today that everything changes from tomorrow. Our proposal was that the holidays start on December 24, and we sent this proposal to the Ministry of Education, but for the moment there is no response, “says Anti.

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