Andalusia | The funding model of Andalusian universities must be reviewed, according to Junta

The junta’s Minister of Universities, after the opening of the UNIA summer courses in Baeza. / on

Regional Minister for Universities, Research and Innovation says this will be done urgently through dialogue and consensus and will include structural changes

The Minister of Universities, Research and Innovation of the Junta de Andalucía, José Carlos Gómez Villamandos, said this week that the current model for funding universities needs to be reviewed and reformed to ensure that it is “ sufficient “. He said the current economic situation and the expected next period of recession should not be used as an excuse to do nothing: “on the contrary, it should be seen as an incentive”, he insisted.

He was talking about this crucial aspect for the future of universities in Andalusia after the opening of the UNIA summer courses in Baeza, Jaén. “We must act urgently, in a few months, and through dialogue and consensus”, he said, and that “public universities need certainty, in order to be able to plan in the medium and long term”.

Under the new model, some of the funding will be variable based on results. Gómez Villamandos said the junta will set improvement targets that universities will then have to meet. He also questioned the law on the Spanish university system, which bases funding on GDP, without prior consultation with the different regions.

He also pointed out that seven Andalusian universities perform well in the Shanghai ranking, which shows that “they are doing very well and we must help them do even better”, he said.

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