Recently, there has been a lot of news in the press, also on TV / Intervention on TV Polsat / in the case of one of the credit bureaus in Piotrków Tryb, which was also mentioned on one of the websites.

Cheated on loans – more people are reporting in a spiral of debt


It turns out that a company from Wrocław, probably, has opened several outlets in various Polish cities and, despite the lack of consent to cooperate with any banks, made loans through friendly offices. The effect of the actions was to lead to unfavorable management of borrowers’ assets. Reading articles, it is impossible not to refer to their content and also comment.

Can you blame the office employees who, using the naivety of customers, ignorance of banking procedures, and above all their human stupidity for a long time sold products that had nothing to do with repairing the financial situation. And what is interesting about the company that operated under various signs has been written on Internet forums for a long time, customers went there anyway, letting themselves be used.

And although in the action of the company’s owners and employees, who are very well prepared to practice such a practice, it is necessary to mark a deliberate action aimed at misleading customers, it is nevertheless necessary to pay attention to the fact that they did it with the consent of those who used their services.

Have customers been screwed into the debt spiral there?

Have customers been screwed into the debt spiral there?

I do not think so. They were already in such a spiral when they entered the office. They were looking for a way out. Only instead of the light at the end of the tunnel did they find rubble.

Panic, they began to make irrational decisions. It is incomprehensible to me that within a short period of time clients were offered 4 loans – each one to pay off the previous one.

And even if they would bear lower and lower interest rates, there is no doubt that the debt instead of decreasing has increased. And its size became absurd when it turned out that none of the loans were transferred to repay previous debts.
You need a lot of courage to make financial decisions in the way that the clients of the described office made them.

Do you know that the reason for the problems


And the situation you are in is you, not the external circumstances. Is it true that at some point in your life you made a mistake, believing on TV commercials, bankers, shopping networks that you can afford everything, you can buy whatever you want, for money you don’t have.

You want to go on vacation, take a loan, you want to experience the New Year’s Eve or the holiday, extra cash is waiting for you. You bought a flat for a loan? Well, you have to equip it right away. Are you aware that this is how basic needs turned into whims and their implementation required more money?

And one more question. Do you realize that another debt will not solve your problems? From the credit spiral, you can only exit comprehensively repairing the household budget.

Once you become aware of your mistakes and the financial decisions made on their basis, say stop to further loans or advances.