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10 most common gay fetishes

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Today's topic will cover 10 most common gay fetishes .

The first of these is salirophilia . In this case, the attraction occurs either through sweat or related to saliva. It is even worth spitting while having sex. No, unlike what many people think, this fetish is not just linked to poor hygiene. And yes, involving the man and his smell.

The second is klismaphilia . In it, what happens is the following: pleasure occurs when water is placed in the anus. An example involves the famous shower itself, when it does the job of generating pleasure in gay people.

What about agoraphilia , have you heard? It is among the ten most common gay fetishes and is about having sex in public. Precisely because it is prohibited by law, it makes so many people take pleasure in this idea. In fact, it is one of the most common fetishes in the case of heterosexuals as well.

The term urolagnia , which is the fourth most common fetish among gays, is easier to discover because of its name. Yes, it consists of either peeing or taking a pissed truth when having sex. But, there are still those who call it golden rain. The same thing happens with the foot fetishism fetish, easily identified: foot fetish.

ten most common gay fetishes

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Other of the 10 most common gay fetishes

A specific good is the fetish for uniformed gays . They go crazy just imagining the scene.

It may involve a policeman, fireman, bus driver. The details are individual and very specific, but possibilities and people with this fetish are not lacking.

And what about the fetish fisting , what has to be said is that it is one of the most common ones. It consists of inserting the wrist and also the forearm into the anus. Thus, intense sensations start to happen. Of course, there is a lot of preparation in relation to this option, since it is not talking about putting something small in the anus. There are still those who call it fist fucking .

In the case of bongage , the attraction consists either of tying, or being tied up during sexual practices. Because, in this case, what happens is that domination, or else, submission, is present.

Voyeurism is the famous look and satisfy and is among the ten most common gay fetishes. It consists of looking at naked people or changing, even having sex and being content with just looking, without having to touch the person.

The last of the ten fetishes is stigmatophilia . In this case, there is an attraction for those who have a tattoo, or scars / perforations. Yes, in this option, the more tattoo you have, the more attraction you have.

ten most common gay fetishes

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