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Frigid woman: what is it?

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Have you ever heard the expression frigid woman? Do you know what it can mean? If your answer is no, find out now!

frigid woman

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There are some women who may end up having some difficulties when having sex. This includes pain and discomfort.

Or, she may be at a stage when her libido is low. But, this does not mean that she is frigid. So it is important to understand the definition.

When the woman decides to have sex, it makes her no longer frigid. Because?

Because she showed sexual desire. There was an excitement that made her want sex. And when you talk about frigidity, you talk about a woman who has no desire. And it happens more than people think.

No matter what a woman does, sexual desire does not appear. She can watch as many porn movies as possible, read erotic tales en masse, see very attractive men, but the desire to have sex does not appear.

It is important to understand that frigidity can involve both psychological and other issues. She doesn't usually think about sex, fantasies or anything like that.

Often, they had a negative relationship and that made them no longer want to think about it at all.

Find out more about the frigid woman!

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The first step in making things work is to try to find out why the frigid woman is going through this and then find ways to treat the problem. One of the causes may be, for example, the production of hormones, which has not been happening correctly. So, looking for a doctor is the first step that must be taken. Of course, in case it bothers you. So, there are women who don't care about that.

Usually, the recommended treatment will involve medication and therapy. But, food is also often a relevant factor.

After looking for the doctor, surely your case can be treated and resolved, if you are interested in it. The best thing is that being a frigid woman is not permanent, as many people think.

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