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Having sex menstruating gets pregnant?

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Having sex menstruating gets pregnant? Has it ever crossed your mind? You will find out now whether the issue is myth or truth. That's because having sex while menstruating makes many women afraid of pregnancy.

having menstruation get pregnant?

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Others do not like the idea because they do not feel comfortable.

But, as the saying goes: whoever wants, finds a way, because it is possible to find alternatives, such as having sex in the shower. However, regardless of your choice, make it clear. No sex just because the other person wants you to do it.

Who does not have sex during menstrual periods, usually do so because of hygiene, to think about it a lot. Only, in fact, the blood present in menstruation is more of a fluid produced by the body and practically the same process occurs in vaginal secretion. So there is nothing to worry about in this case.

And as for possible collateral problems, experts say they definitely don't exist. Of course, it would be best to have menstruating at certain times when the menstrual flow is less. For example, on the first and last day. Remembering that the risk of STD still exists, and more, it is even greater at this moment. So, using a condom is the best option.

But, after all: having menstruating gets pregnant? Or not?


Source: The Tempest - Reproduction

Having sex menstruating gets pregnant? Do not.

The explanation for this is that, when you are menstruating, the wall of the female uterus flakes. Thus, pregnancy will not happen, since the embryo does not find conditions that are beneficial in terms of its implantation in the uterus wall. The woman also needs to be ovulating. This only occurs around fourteen days after your period starts.

An interesting point is that, libido increases during menstruation. Therefore, women tend to want to have more sex at this time. However, it is not a rule.

Of course, not everyone is comfortable. But, a good tactic is to remember that having sex menstruates, gets pregnant? No. So, the psychological will be very calm about the practice. The most important thing is to always enjoy the moment in a protected way. The rest does not matter.

Now, if your idea is to know curious facts about sex , find out now.


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